Bargain Christian Fiction eBooks 10-10-15

Bargain Christian Fiction eBooks 10-10-15

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YIELD (Children of the Burning Heart Book 1) by J.R. Pierce. $1.99 on 10-10-15
Giving up isn’t an option.
It’s an adventure.

Following a car crash, Chase McKinney wakes in a swirling mist and witnesses the murder of children via a three-sided portal into another world. He steps through in search of young men called Chosen to help track the killer and child-stealer, Ancient Piper. But when Chase finds things sometimes pass through him and he can fly, it’s clear to him different rules govern. And when he finally locates the Chosen, he soon learns he must survive this world, with its circa 1900s technology wed to supernatural dangers. For God has a plan for him beyond rescuing children—a seemingly irrational plan to experience life more abundantly.

Chase just wants to get back to his wife and family and fix the damage he caused obsessing over his job. But to do so means relying on young Shadowboxer—a leader who second-guesses himself—and learn a difficult lesson from the last person he would expect to see in this bizarre place. He and the Chosen must also sail to a deadly beachhead and a fortress-turned-prison. Because there, a master deceiver plots to establish a world opposed to God, and brainwashed children are only one factor in his death campaign against God-followers.

Meanwhile, Chase’s body lies in a coma. Can his consciousness reunite with it? Or will one obstacle be too much to overcome? Himself. Control or give up control? Chase must choose and perhaps die in the choosing. Or, maybe worse, he might live—unchanged.

AURA: Book One Of The Senses Novels by K M Aul. $0.99 on 10-10-15
Giving up isn’t an option.
A sweeping epic that crosses the range of human emotion and perception.

Our world stands at the crossroads. An enemy is coming. An enemy so ancient that time itself becomes meaningless. Six most unlikely heroes are all that stand between life and the total desolation of our world, perhaps the universe. Six that will defend us, fight for us, regardless of the consequences to themselves. No one else can do it, no one else knows what is coming.
Their reality is not our reality, and that may be our only salvation.
Reality Is Not What You Think…

Rave Review from Canada:
5.0 out of 5 stars Mind-Bending and Fast-Paced Read!
By Chesmok
K.M. Aul’s “AURA” is a poignant and surreal analysis of the fickle nature of perception and reality. This author has expertly crafted a highly-readable Science Fiction novel with an equal mixture of Fantasy and Paranormal elements. The main character is a relatable and sympathetic young man who takes the reader through various stages of his life, beginning from birth to adulthood and beyond. His entire life is fraught with difficulty because he is technically blind and must rely on his “gift” to “see” the world around him.
I absolutely loved the thought and detail that went into the writing of this novel. I was very lucky to have read it for free via Kindle Unlimited. KM Aul explains the protagonist’s limitations and philosophical insights in a very unique and well-written manner. The main character is an underdog with superhuman abilities. I don’t want to spoil the book for you so I’ll end with this: “AURA” is a fast-paced novel that is sure to leave you haunted with its mind-bending implications. Highly recommended 4.5/5 stars.

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