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Dawn of Shadows by JC Lamont. $0.99 on 3-21-15
Lucifer grows restless. A sense of unquiet gnaws at his ether. He seeks something. Something more….

Lusting for the power to create worlds and to rule races inferior to his own, Lucifer trains the Malakim in the art of swordcraft, unknowingly preparing them to aid him in his attempt to usurp King Elyon’s throne. Bearer of a sword that can slay a spirit-lord, Lucifer grooms Michael, his favored lieutenant, as his second-in-command. But Michael starts unraveling the mystery behind the secrecy, and is forced to choose between his comrades and loyalty to his King.

History and fantasy collide as the ultimate struggle between good and evil rises in this 20,000 word novella, Dawn of Shadows, the first chapter in the epic supernatural novel, Prophecy of the Heir.

Judas: Hero Misunderstood by Jason E. Royle. $0.99 on 3-21-15
Judas Iscariot, the man we love to hate. But who would Jesus have been without him? In this unique short story we journey with the man who Jesus chose to be one of the original twelve disciples, who was with Jesus throughout his entire three-year ministry. Going beyond his worth, which always seems to start at thirty pieces of silver and suicide, dare to step outside the boundaries of one-dimensional thinking and tradition and ask yourself: “In the grand scheme of things, did Judas have a purpose?”

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