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The Baby Rescue by Margaret Daley. $2.99 on 6/23/14

To rescue an abducted infant from a baby-smuggling ring, U.S marshal Colton Phillips has to work with FBI agent Lisette Sutton. But their tactics couldn’t be more different. The too-pretty agent goes by the book, whereas Colton breaks rules to get the job done. Colton vows to keep his heart out of the job, but his unwanted attraction to Lisette lowers his guard. Now Lisette—and an innocent child—are in grave danger, and Colton will stop at nothing to save them.

Witness Protection: Hiding in plain sight

The Hawk and the Jewel by Lori Wick. $1.99 on 6/23/14
The first in the newly repackaged Kensington Chroniclesseries, The Hawk and the Jewel sweeps readers from the tapestried halls of Victorian England to the alabastercourts of Arabia.

Everyone thought little Sunny had perished with LadyGallagher in storm–tossed seas off the Arabian coast, but the beautiful toddlerhad been found, taken to the palace of Darhabar,and raised as the ruler’s own child. Now the emir, Ahmad Khan, is sending herhome, and Sunny’s uncertain, new life is completelyin God’s hands.

This classic series, which has sold more than 375,000copies, has a fresh, new look sure to please Lori Wick’s longtime fans andreaders just discovering the treasure of a great story.

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