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The Seed by Jonnelle Hayden. $0.99 on 6/24/13
Can Matt Sinclair forgive his daughter’s killer? What difference will it make if he does? Is there any hope for the soul of someone who has murdered a fourteen-year-old girl? Will the murderer end up on death row? This is a story of crime, prison, forgiveness and redemption set in South Carolina. This is a novella with approximately 20,000 words.
Love Restored by Mary L. Briggs. $0.99 on 6/24/13
A forgotten romance haunts the halls of Fairlight’s historic opera house…and a new one struggles to grow amidst the tattered building’s careful renovation.

Kate Hollister doesn’t expect to find love among the musty corridors of Drummond Hall. As an interior designer, her only concern is matching paint hues and fabrics to restore the building’s former glory. Until her professional stance is shaken by the project’s brooding architect, Paul Lucas, whose presence alternately charms and frustrates her.

Paul is drawn to Kate the moment he sees her. But past mistakes make it difficult to open his heart, even though they share a mutual faith and a deep passion for treasures of the past. Will their growing attraction blossom into love–or stay buried, like the secrets of the old opera house?

Author Mary L. Briggs is a freelance and indie writer, whose short stories have been featured in Woman’s World Magazine. Love Restored, a sweet romance with a dash of Christmas magic, is her first novel, a collaborative effort with her daughter, Laura (author of The Wedding Caper and Only in Novels).

A To Z With C.S. Lewis by Louis A. Markos. $0.99 on 6/24/13
Professor, apologist, novelist, literary critic, fantasy writer, philosopher, theologian, and ethicist, Lewis has exerted a profound influence on the way millions of people read literature, make moral choices, think about God, and live out the Christian faith. By means of a genial blend of reason and imagination, logic and fantasy, profound academic insight and good old common sense, Lewis has challenged the modern world to re-examine the claims of Christ, the Bible, and the Church, re-experience the goodness, truth, and beauty of literature, and re-expand its vision of God, man, and the universe. In each 600-word entry, Markos enlist Lewis’s aid in the study, both theoretically and practically, of a topic of perennial interest to humanity and of particular interest to the early 21st century.

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