Bargain Christian Fiction eBooks 9-2-15

Bargain Christian Fiction eBooks 9-2-15

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The Tangled Web: Book 1 in series ‘The Web of Lies’ by Sylvia Wheatley. $0.99 on 9-2-15
Katherine desperately needs money. In an effort to raise it she chooses and meets a man from a catalogue of eligible men in Alaska. He needs to be gullible so a born again Christian is the obvious choice. He also needs to be well off financially for her to steal from him once they are married. She finds a man, marries him and leaves him straight after the ceremony when a telegram arrives telling her that her mother is dying. Timothy has no idea where she has gone and she thinks she will never see him again.
But he finds her in South Africa where she has gone for a holiday and the web of deception grows. So too does Katherine’s knowledge of the Bible and awareness of God, something she does not want and resists. Timothy wants the marriage to continue despite what she has done but does not realise that this would not only give him Katherine but other responsibilities, responsibilities Katherine does not want to force on him..

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