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The Seventh Season: The Word of God & The Will of Rome by Kit Hudson. $0.99 on 9-22-14
As the Romans lay siege to the ancient city of Caesarea, a small brotherhood of Christians arrange for the apostle Andrew to escape along with his youthful scribe, Johanan. They find passage on a boat bound for Greece where they meet two people who will change their lives… and the course of history. The first is a Roman General who has been appointed to organize the games at Olympia. The second is Dido, a mysterious messenger from the Great Library of Alexandria who is carrying a cargo of secrets.

While Johanan fights to win Dido’s heart, he must also defend the word of God against the will of Rome; a task that will require courage, cunning… and faith.

The Seventh Season is an epic adventure set in 67AD, a time when the early church battled against the might of the Roman Empire. Narrated by an elderly Johanan, The Seventh Season records his unforgettable journey across the ancient world in which mad emperors, babbling sibyls, Olympic victors and bloodthirsty pirates all play their part.

The word of God…

The Seventh Season illuminates the struggles at the heart of early Christianity and explores the origins of some of the greatest teachings in biblical history.

The will of Rome…

Andrew’s epic sea voyage ends in Corinth where the Emperor Nero is conducting his infamous tour of Greece. When Nero decrees that the dangerous new religion must be extinguished, Andrew and Johanan face the greatest challenge of their lives.

The fight for love…

As Dido and Johanan become close, Johanan hopes they will soon share more than a hatred of Rome…

Historical fiction categories:
– Adventure romance

– Biblical fiction

– Roman Empire

– Ancient Greece

– Sea adventure

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