Bargain Christian Nonfiction eBooks 7-7-15

Bargain Christian Nonfiction eBooks 7-7-15

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The Jubilee Prophecy: The Great Restoration and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ by Steven Nichols. $3.49 on 7-7-15
For thousands of years, an ancient Biblical pattern, set in stone by God himself, has influenced, changed and shaped history of the entire planet. A pattern so precise that not only predicts but also dictates the important global events. From the time of Exodus, when this powerful secret was shared with the people of ancient Israel, to this very day, it has brought both blessings and joys, and cries and sorrows to the nations of the world, and it’s about to change the future of humanity forever.

This extraordinarily important prophecy is the key to understanding all that’s been happening around us in recent years, and more importantly, it’s the most precise blueprint for all those things, foretold by the greatest Biblical prophets, that are yet to happen, for the first time revealing not only the final year for human kind, but also the year of the beginning of God’s Kingdom on earth. Find out what scientist, arguably one of the greatest minds ever, with his extensive Biblical study came closest to uncovering the year of our Lord’s return.

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