Bargain Christian Nonfiction eBooks 8-13-16

Bargain Christian Nonfiction eBooks 8-13-16

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Wisdom Shines by Kevin Waldeman. $0.99 on 8-13-16
Newly inspired mysteries of God explain a wide variety of subjects,
and with much scriptural support to back up the claims, the future is
laid bare before us. Solid facts and diagrams clearly describe exactly
how this present world will soon come to an end. With much of the
Church having been misled by false doctrines, many are about to
stumble unprepared into the great tribulation. This book is for
everyone who wants to hear more than just vague unsubstantial theories
based upon human wisdom. The subjects covered include blood moons,
asleep in Christ and near death experiences, the 144,000 and 200
million of Revelation, and other fascinating signs in the heavens
bearing witness to the predictions of Christ. There’s also more about
the antichrist, hell, and real warnings from God instructing us how to
behave in the years ahead.

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