Bargain Christian Nonfiction eBooks 7/01/13

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This One Time, At Bible Camp by Peter McMurray. $4.00 on 7/01/13
Pete’s third book is all about the move from basic faith to spiritual maturity, and how we can live out mature faith. Drawing on many anecdotes from his time working as a Bible camp counselor, and filled with his unique sense of humour, this is a book all about living out your walk with God
Grace Walk by Steve McVey. $2.51 on 7/01/13
Now with a fresh cover! The over 250,000-selling Grace Walk has helped thousands of believers leave behind the “manic-depressive” Christian walk: either running around trying to perform to be acceptable to God–or thinking they’ve failed Him again and wondering if they’ll ever measure up.
Living the grace walk gets Christians off this religious roller coaster. Using his own journey from legalism into grace, Steve McVey illustrates the foundational, biblical truths of who believers are in Jesus Christ and how they can let Him live His life through them each day.
As they experience their identity in Jesus Christ, Christians will come to know “Amazing Grace” as not just a song but as their true way of life.
Touching Godliness by K.P. Yohannan. $2.99 on 7/01/13
So often we stand on the outside, looking in. We watch others who have a sincere godliness, but it seems beyond our reach. K.P. Yohannan challenges us that we, too, can touch godliness as we follow Christ down the path of total surrender and submission. Chapter by chapter, he gently confronts us with truth that few others are willing to say-truth that leads to the abundant life we so desire.

Topics include:

-The way to godliness
-The importance of submission
-The disguise of His blessings
-Christ, our example
-Why we rebel
-Being in leadership

Plus, the included study guide offers thought-provoking questions and pointed action steps aimed at transformation

Bargain Christian Nonfiction eBooks 6/29/13

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Food for Thought – 365 Christian Quotes to start your day with by Nicholas Appleyard. $0.99 on 6/29/13
Food for Thought is a collection of inspiring quotes of great Christians like Mozart, Goethe, Martin Luther King Jr and many more.

These quotes will strengthen and motivate you as well as others around you. By reading Christian quotations on a daily basis you will keep your mind from wandering and you will strengthen your inner Christian values.

Read one quote in the morning as food for thought
Think about it during your day or use what you read in the morning as a conversation starter
This way you help spreading the Word in a pleasant way

Take advantage of the possibility to take this rich heritage of Christian wisdom with you in your pocket and tap in to it on the moment that you -or others around you- need it the most.

“God speaks in the silence of the hearth. Listening is the beginning of prayer.”
– Mother Theresa

Let yourself be inspired and get this book now.

Deliver Me From Negative Self Talk: A Guide To Speaking Faith-filled Words by Lynn R. Davis. $2.99 on 6/29/13
Deliver Me From Negative Self Talk: A Guide to Speaking Faith-filled Words is a quick read, but it packs a lot of punch and can literally change your life. Negative self talk destroys lives, but it doesn’t have to. Deliver Me gives examples of negative self talk and offers a guide to stopping negative self talk by replacing them with positive faith-filled words.

Note: Book 1 including “popular inspirational articles”is approximately 10,500 words in length.

Daily Devotions From Award-winning Christian Authors. $0.99 on 6/29/13
Here are just a few Christmas devotions scheduled in December: Verna Bowman – It’s a Wonderful Changed Christmas Penny Hunt – Christmas Held Loosley Dianne Guthmuller – How Much Money is Enough? Subscribe and receive devotions from Award-winning some of Christian Publishing’s best-known authors. A devotion may be someone’s only Bible for the day. Feed your spirit, stay inspired!

Bargain Christian Nonfiction eBooks 6/27/13

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Ye Are the Children of Your Father by James Lashley. $2.99 on 6/27/13
This book is the result of my personal studies into the word of God. All that you see included, has come about from my inquiries regarding various topics and subjects that have been impressed upon me to investigate. It is my hope that all who endeavors to read this book will find something, that is both applicable and edifying in some way. Know that there are portions of this book that may be construed as heavy-handed or unloving. I do not intend to be mean-spirited, nor to foster a presumption of superiority on my part as the author. All such instances that occur within these pages are done, so as to warn, exhort, correct, and inspire. The main title, Ye Are The Children of Your Father, is drawn from two separate verses of Scripture. Both of which are quotes by the Lord Jesus,
Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do… (John 8:44, KJV)
That ye may be the children of your Father which is in Heaven… (Matthew 5:45, KJV)
As can plainly be seen, there is a distinction between these two verses. The first is in reference to those who will follow after Satan. The second pertains to the followers of God.

Bargain Christian Nonfiction eBooks 6/25/13

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Spiritual Warfare: Fighting Demons by Scott Meade. $0.99 on 6/25/13
Spiritual warfare is a reality that many Christians have to endure on a daily basis. As we are now living during the last days before our Messiah returns, we are confronted by more attacks from our adversary. Demons are manipulating the minds of both nonbelievers and Christians and now it is time for us to learn how to fight back. Many Christians are finally coming to the realization that they are soldiers in Christ, but do not know how to battle the enemy who has infiltrated our very minds. The author explains spiritual warfare through modern day concepts and includes some of his own experiences. This book goes beyond the basic teachings of the whole armor of God and is necessary for battling the demons who manipulate the world around us.
God Will Use This for Good by Max Lucado. $1.99 on 6/25/13

When we feel that life is out of control, He is in control.

When tragedy strikes, people desperately search for answers. Believers and unbelievers alike find themselves turning to God. Best-selling author and pastor Max Lucado points to the only real answer to tragedy and crisis: Prayer. In For the Tough Times, Lucado helps us understand how to pray despite our doubt and fear.

The Inner Chamber And The Inner Life by Andrew Murray. $0.99 on 6/25/13
The Inner Chamber suggests thoughts of the utmost importance. The daily need of retirement and quiet; the true Spirit of prayer; the Devotional reading of God’s Word; the Fellowship with God for which these are meant and by which alone they bring a blessing.

Bargain Christian Nonfiction eBooks 6/24/13

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The Great Enemy by Timothy Keller. $1.99 on 6/24/13
Renowned pastor and New York Times bestselling author Timothy Keller explores the nature of evil in the world with The Great Enemy, the sixth entry in his Encounters with Jesus series.

The baptism of Jesus and his temptation in the desert are two well-known experiences of Christ, yet it is often forgotten that they go together. In The Great Enemy, Timothy Keller, pastor of New York’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church and New York Times bestselling author of The Reason for God, explores the contrast between Jesus’ encounters with God and Satan. He explains why evil is deeper, more nuanced, and more complex than we think and how we can confront and weaken its destructive force in our lives.

Life’s Big Questions: Six Major Themes Traced Through the Bible by Vaughan Roberts. $2.99 on 6/24/13
How can the sixty-six books of the Bible have a single message for us today? What unites the vastly different accounts of God’s work in the world? How do the various genres of the Bible work together? Vaughan Roberts believes that the Bible tells a single story for all time. He draws out the Bible’s message of Jesus Christ and God’s redemption through him in six big questions: Who rules the world? What does it mean to be human? How should we view money? Is a perfect relationship possible? How does the Holy Spirit work in the world and in our lives? What is God’s plan for the world? This companion volume to Roberts’s previous book, God’s Big Picture, will not only help you answer these questions, but also give you tools to transform your own Bible study in light of the whole story of God.
Then and Now Bible Maps by Rose Publishing. $0.99 on 6/24/13
Compare Biblical Places with Today’s Cities and Countries
What countries today occupy the Bible lands of 2,000+ years ago? Are the borders of Persia in Bible times the same as the borders of Iran today? The answers to these questions and countless others are found in the Then & Now Bible Maps eBook. This fascinating reference tool contains seventeen Bible maps showing the locations of ancient cities and countries in comparison with modern-day cities and boundaries. What a great way to compare places in today’s news with places in the Bible.

You will love the amazing Then & Now Bible Maps eBook. The Then and Now Maps make the Bible more relevant and meaningful by showing biblical sites in relation to modern day cities and countries. The widely acclaimed Then and Now Bible Maps eBook from Rose Publishing brings fresh perspective to traditional Bible accounts. When you see biblical places compared with modern-day cities and countries, you can experience the Bible in a richer way. A few examples:
• Daniel was taken as POW to Babylon and lived there the rest of his life. The ruins of Babylon are south of Baghdad, in present day Iraq.
• The ruins of Nineveh are in Northern Iraq near the Kurdish city of Mosul
• The wise men were probably from Iran or Saudi Arabia
• Queen Esther’s palace in Susa was about 100 miles northeast of Kuwait City

Then & Now Bible Maps makes it easy to see where Persia is today and the places Paul’s first missionary journey would take him if traveling the same route today. Below are just a few of the maps included in this incredible resource:
• The Middle East map during Bible times and today
• The Assyrian Empire, Babylonian Kingdoms and Persian Empire
• The Holy Land: 1020 BC and 900 BC & Now
• Places of Jesus’ Ministry Then (26-30 AD) & Now

Then & Now Bible Maps eBook makes it easy to compare locations that are familiar in the Bible with modern day locations. On each of the seventeen maps, Bible places are shown in black type and modern-day cities and countries appear in red type. The maps also provide helpful historic information. For example:
• “The Holy Land: Then & Now” shows the historical and modern-day names of cities within the regions occupied by the Twelve Tribes and how the Twelve Tribes divide up the land.
• “Paul’s Journeys: Then & Now” shows the Seven Churches of Asia found in Revelation 1-3 (now in present day Turkey), cities and towns, ancient ruins, mountains, modern capital cities and a key for measuring the distance traveled from city to city
• “Empires & Kingdoms: Then & Now” shows the changing boundaries of the Assyrian Empire, Babylonian Kingdom, and Persian Empire

Then & Now Bible Maps is a fascinating resource that you will refer to again and again when you are studying the Bible.

Bargain Christian Nonfiction eBooks 6/22/13

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The Collected Letter of C.S. Lewis, Volume 3 by C.S. Lewis. $0.99 on 6/22/13
This collection, carefully chosen and arranged by Walter Hooper, is the most extensive ever published. Included here are the letters Lewis wrote to such luminaries as J.R.R. Tolkien, Owen Barfield, Arthur C. Clarke, Sheldon Vanauken, and Dom Bede Griffiths. To some particular friends, such as Dorothy L. Sayers, Lewis wrote fifty letters alone. The letters deal with all of Lewis’s interests—theology, literary criticism, poetry, fantasy, children’s stories—as well as his relationships with family members and friends.

The third and final volume begins with Lewis, already a household name from his BBC radio broadcasts and popular spiritual books, on the cusp of publishing his most famous and enduring book, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, which would ensure his immortality in the literary world. It covers his relationship with and marriage to Joy Davidman Gresham, subject of the film Shadowlands, and includes letters right up to his death on November 22, 1963, the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

This volume also includes both a special section of newly found letters from earlier time periods covered in volumes one and two and mini-biographies of Lewis’s regular correspondents.

Amy Carmichael: Selfless Servant of India by Sam Wellman. $3.82 on 6/22/13
For challenge and encouragement in your Christian life, read the life stories of the Heroes of the Faith. The novelized biographies of this series are inspiring and easy-to-read, ideal for Christians of any age or background. In Amy Carmichael, you’ll get to know the great missionary who rescued many girls of India from horrible abuses—and served nearly six decades without a furlough. Appropriate for readers from junior high through adult, helpful for believers of any background, these biographies encourage greater Christian commitment through the example of heroes like Amy Carmichael.
The Vow: The True Events that Inspired the Movie by Krickitt Carpenter. $4.29 on 6/22/13
Life as Kim and Krickitt Carpenter knew it was shattered beyond recognition on November 24, 1993. Two months after their marriage, a devastating car wreck left Krickitt with a massive head injury and in a coma for weeks.

When she finally awoke, she had no idea who Kim was. With no recollection of their relationship and while Krickitt experienced personality changes common to those who suffer head injuries, Kim realized the woman he had married essentially died in the accident.

And yet, against all odds, but through the common faith in Christ that sustained them, Kim and Krickitt fell in love all over again. Even though Kim stood by Krickitt through the darkest times a husband can ever imagine, he insists, “I’m no hero. I made a vow.”

Now available in trade paper with a new chapter and photo insert, The Vow is the true story that inspired the major motion picture of the same name starring Rachel McAdams (The Notebook), Channing Tatum (Dear John), Sam Neill (Jurassic Park), and Academy Award winner Jessica Lange.

Bargain Christian Nonfiction eBooks 6/16/13

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Calvinism, Arminianism, or Another Option? by James Lashley. $0.99 on 6/16/13
For centuries, scholars and theologians, within the two major soteriological systems, have sparred with one another in regards to the nature of salvation through Christ. Many of those within the congregations of the church have been led to believe that one must be either a Calvinist, or an Arminian. The purpose of this short treatise is to point out that it is possible to take a mediating view. One in which God’s sovereignty is absolutely affirmed, while at the same time human free will remains intact.
52 Things Kids Need From a Dad by Jay Payleitner. $2.99 on 6/16/13

“God, please help me…another game of Candy Land…”

Quite a few dads spend time with their kids. However, many have no clue what their kids really need.

Enter author Jay Payleitner, veteran dad of five, who’s also struggled with how to build up his children’s lives. His 52 Things Kids Need from a Dad combines straightforward features with step-up-to-the-mark challenges men will appreciate:

a full year’s worth of focused, doable ideas—one per week, if desired
uncomplicated ways to be an example, like “kiss your wife in the kitchen”

And, refreshingly…

NO exhaustive (and exhausting) lists of “things you should do”
NO criticism of dads for being men and acting like men

Dads will feel respected and empowered, and gain confidence to initiate activities that build lifelong positives into their kids. Great gift or men’s group resource!

I Can Only Imagine by Karen Kingsbury. $2.99 on 6/16/13
I Can Only Imagine is the first e-short in Karen Kingsbury’s The Rest of the Story series. In it, Karen shares very personal behind-the-scenes anecdotes about herself and her family that appear nowhere else in print, highlighted by her touching relationship with her late brother Dave. With heartfelt grace, she describes in-depth his ongoing struggles with addiction and his troubled journey toward redemption. Throughout this work, we’re all reminded that God is close to the brokenhearted… and also that we have just one chance to create a bestseller with our lives by loving well, laughing often, and finding true life in Jesus Christ.

Bargain Christian Nonfiction eBooks 6/14/13

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The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence. $0.99 on 6/14/13
Here is one of the most beautiful and touching stories of Christian devotion ever written. Brother Lawrence was a Carmelite Brother known for his profound peace and deep relationship with God; many came to seek spiritual guidance from him. The wisdom that he passed on to them, in conversations and in letters, would later become the basis for the book.
Not by Bread Alone by Bishop Robert Morneau. $0.99 on 6/14/13
Find spiritual sustenance for the season of Lent in Bishop Morneau’s reflections on the daily Mass readings. Not by Bread Alone offers a short collection of insightful meditations that focus on Lenten themes of repentance and redemption, sacrifice and salvation–as well as the Easter promise of resurrection and new life. With Scripture as the foundation for each day’s brief entry, readers will find the guidance they need to become closer to God’s word during this holy time of year. The short yet significant reflections in this pocket-sized book make it simple for even the busiest person to make prayer a priority throughout the Lenten journey.
The Life and Prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary by Wyatt North. $0.99 on 6/14/13
The Life and Prayers of The Blessed Virgin Mary is the first in this wonderful series. One part biography, one part prayer book, The Life and Prayers of The Blessed Virgin Mary is an essential book for any Christian.

It is difficult in this day and age to imagine Christianity without the beneficent presence of the Blessed Virgin. Next to Christ, of all those who grace the pages of the New Testament, Mary is perhaps the one who touches us the most.

All books in The Life and Prayers series come complete with a Touch-or-Click Table of Contents, divided by each section.

This edition has a linked Table of Contents and has been wonderfully formatted (searchable and interlinked) to work on your eBook reader.

Bargain Christian Nonfiction eBooks 6/10/13

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Pray Like it Matters by Steve Gaines. $0.99 on 6/10/13
From the Introduction:
When I read the Book of Acts, I am embarrassed. Why does our brand of Christianity look so insipid compared to the be-lievers of the First Century? Where has the power gone? Has God changed, or have we? We’ve all heard the cop out that says, “The Book of Acts represents a different dispensation.” What a sad, self-serving attempt to excuse our current state of spiritual impotence!

When we read Acts, we should yearn to experience a return to their brand of Christianity. Yet, instead of copying them, we seem content with copying other modern churches that are “growing.” But why copy a copy, when you can copy the original (the Book of Acts)? In Acts, God was saving people every day.
Communities were transformed. People were healed. Demons were cast out. Miracles were commonplace. Churches sprouted up across the Roman Empire. Persecution was faced and overcome. What made them so different?

Some say they preached a purer Gospel. I disagree. Modern Evangelicals preach the same Gospel that was proclaimed in the First Century. We preach that Jesus was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died an atoning death, and rose bodily from the grave. We preach that man is a sinner and stands guilty before God in need of salvation. We preach that God offers salvation by grace, through faith, in Jesus Christ alone, and the moment anyone repents of his sin, puts his faith in Jesus, and calls upon His name, that person is born again.
That’s the Gospel they preached, and the Gospel we preach.

Our lack of spiritual power in Christianity today is not due to the sermons we preach or the songs we sing. Rather, it is due to our lack of prayer. We do not pray like it matters. Jesus and His earliest followers prayed like it was important. We pray like it is inconvenient or inconsequential. Prayer was their priority. It is our postscript. We plan more than we pray. They prayed more than they planned. We gather to minister to one another. They gathered to minister to the Lord in prayer and fasting. Our focus is earthly, horizontal. Theirs was heavenly, vertical. They were wise enough to “pray the price.”

All of this is why I have written this 12-week Bible Study en-titled, “Pray Like It Matters.” I want to demonstrate from Scripture that every prayer we pray is significant. Through our prayers, God changes things. One life dedicated to prayer can do more good than any life dedicated to other so-called “noble,” worldly causes. An individual follower of Jesus who is committed to prayer is a fountain of life in a world of death. Likewise, the local church that becomes a house of prayer will be a spiritual powerhouse from which God’s mighty miracles will flow exponentially. PRAYER is what modern Christians and churches are missing – frequent, fervent, faithful prayer!

Most Christians want to pray but don’t know how. They are unable to carry on a simple, sustained, satisfying conversation with God. Thus, after a few minutes in prayer, they run out of things to say, get frustrated, and give up. Sound familiar?

Just as infants must be taught to talk, Christians must be taught to pray. Once you know how, prayer will be fulfilling, refreshing, and even fun.

A growing number of Christians today are aware that some-thing must be wrong. They know there has to be “more” to the Christian life than what they have experienced. That “more” is found through the discipline of prayer. These les-sons are a wakeup call for each individual, family, and church to become a “house of prayer.” When we begin to pray like Jesus and His early followers,
then we will witness the power they experienced.

Today, we embark on what could be the greatest adventure of your life. Before we start, let’s pray the prayer of the early disciples: “Lord, teach us to pray” (Luke 11:1).

Epic by John Eldredge. $2.56 on 6/10/13
Epic DVD is specifically designed to help the reader understand his or her role in the Larger Story, God’s Big Picture. In Epic, a retelling of the gospel in four acts, John Eldredge invites us to revisit the drama of life, viewing God not only as the author but also as the lead actor, exploring His motives and His heart. Eldredge examines the power of story, the universal longing for a “plot” that makes sense deep inside us, our desire for a meaningful role to play, our love of books and movies, and how all of this points us to the gospel itself.
Working it Out: A Journey of Love, Loss, and Hope by Abby Rike. $2.99 on 6/10/13
In 2006, Abby Rike lost the life she knew and loved when her husband and two young children were killed in a car accident. Devastated and numb, she shut down. For nearly three years she walked through life like a spectre, present in body only. As she descended, so did her health.
Fortunately, Abby was not alone. She had loving parents, supportive friends, and a faith that continued to sustain her. Little by little she found the courage to return to life. Joining The Biggest Loser proved a catalyst for the physical and emotional changes she needed to make. In fact, against all odds Abby gained strength, courage, wisdom, and continued her steadfast relationship with God. Instead of anger, she found herself slowly but steadily healing. She lost a hundred pounds but gained hope.
In this riveting book, Abby tells her story–from her joyous life before the accident to the unbearable pain that followed it and her eventual emergence as a woman reinvigorated by her faith in God. Today Abby’s resilience and positivity are a testament to the power and importance of faith in the darkest hours.