The Other Sunday

Church on SundaySunday has surely been the widely accepted day for Church. What is Church? Church, capitalized, is His house, and the Bride of Christ. Now, church, not capitalized, is somewhat of a loose term of going somewhere on a Sunday. And many will argue that you need to go to church to be a good Christian and that there is nothing more important in life.

I will argue this, without getting into too much heat.

I discovered something. I really already knew it, but I discovered that I understood it even better. I often talk about the hidden meanings in life – where the invisible meets the visible. And all this time, there were the objects. People usually call them furniture, nick knacks, trinkets or items to use. But what was the use of each item? Surely to collect dust.wordly possessions

Follow me here – I went from the Bride of Christ to dust collecting, rusty things. I hope I haven’t lost you, but I decided on a Sunday to have a yard sale. There are people in need, and objects that I collected in vain. Possessions that had no use to me. To simplify life, and take a day to bring yourself closer to Him, to strengthen your bond with Him and his Bride… to bring yourself to a more empty state – both visibly and invisibly – which will allow your heart to open up and absorb, contain and relish in the glory which the Holy Spirit has to offer. Nothing can be more important. Not even, to me, an hour during a week to listen to liturgical worship. Because, how many truly get out of each Sunday an epiphany such as the simplicity preached by Him. If you do, then you surely are at a point already where you have no junk, you have simplified your life and you are ready for the last stretch toward everlasting life.

Whatever you choose – hopefully it be something that strengthens you in His eyes.

Love in Christ,

Peter Silas

Faith for Daily Living App Review

Faith for Daily Living App Review

An App Created by FFDL – Faith for Daily Living

A Christian Outlook for Each Day

Faith for Daily LivingFaith for Daily Living, a Christian app for your Android device, will give you the one thing you need on a daily basis: the Word of God. Take one simple step to balance out what you might feel is an addiction to your phone! I am a strong believer that what we have given to us is not evil in and of itself, and it is our purpose that drives an outcome. Technology, although having the potential to take us away from what is most important in life, can also help us move toward Him.

And with this app you can do just that: with one press of the app button on your phone, begin viewing His Word with a daily bible quote. Meditate and reflect on a non-denominational reflection. No need to have to be at home to find His message; you can be at the coffee shop, at your desk at work, or wherever God may lead you. You’ll easily be reconnected to what is most important.

Functionality – the Inner Workings of Christ’s Message

In terms of functionality, it is quite simple, reflecting the simplicity of life our Lord had in store for us. After seamlessly downloading onto your device, just click on the app and you’re inside without another thought. No ads, no additional screens. Choose the day if not today, in case you missed one. It features a neat single level navigation bar on top, and feel free to slide over the left chevron to share or rate.

I highly recommend it! Get Faith for Daily Living App and find a different Christian outlook for a different day.

Download via Google Play on your device or here. Check it out in my app store: Christian Android Apps

Go to the developer’s site here.

Humility in Every Day Life

golf christianI’m not the type to be with the establishment. In fact, I’m pretty lame when it comes to rules and street smarts; etiquette and common knowledge; conformity and acceptance. I went golfing with my dad today. In all the time I have [attempted] to play golf, I never knew that you had to wear a collared shirt. I was insulted when I was told I couldn’t play unless I bought a collared shirt. My own wasn’t good enough. Even more so, they said my gym shorts weren’t up to par (no pun intended), but they would let it slide this once. I walked (okay, maybe stormed) out, disappointed, but when my father (a humble deacon) explained calmly these rules, and the way it is, I felt suddenly bad for walking out on the man who told me the rules in the shop.

I went back in after playing 9 horrible holes of golf, and asked for the golf pro’s forgiveness. It didn’t make me feel better. But I think that is a good thing. It humbled me, and I was able to show my love by asking forgiveness of another who I should have been obedient to. Thank you Lord for allowing my heart to not be prideful in my own apparel. Thank you for allowing rules of humanity to show that the goodness of God is still in existence.

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas

Drew meets Boo App Review: The Drum Beats On

Drew meets Boo Christian iPad App

A Review of Yet Another Stunning Children’s Story

Drew Meets Boo AppPrepare yourself for the newest installment of Drew’s Dancing Drum, the second in a series of apps aimed at combining lessons of virtue with interactive slides for your impressionable children! The Drew Meets Boo app improved a message of kindness toward others, just when you thought the first app couldn’t say it any better.

Through a captivating sequenced slideshow, your young one (and you as well!) can journey through starkly creative and colorful scenes that prepare an engaging setting to deliver the perfect message: the message of Christ. Love one another, He often implored. And so Drew learns yet another lesson from a sister [in Christ] who wants nothing but to share unconditional love with humankind.

You’re bound to be filled with excitement with interactive art, music and background features! Drew Meets Boo App ReviewSilly yet sensible, each time through Drew Meets Boo app is like unlocking a new treasure trove of features, whether it be jolly and friendly animals or colorful creations of our Lord. Combining the invisible Spirit with visible and tangible creations, it will read back to you the slides, create a friendly atmosphere and deliver a firm message of how to treat others as you would want to be treated, even if it is in response to a serious issue of our day and age: bullying. What a timely implementation of a Christian app!

The Core Message Revealed

With the Drew Meets Boo App, take it beyond turning your cheek: turn it with an act of kindness. Drew May fear those bullying boys, but his new friend Boo is about to show the power of faith and its ineffable ability to conquer evil and sin. One work through Him and the mean kids cower in humility. Boo, fearless and kind like Christ, illustrates for your children how they too should show no fear and reveal only faith and kindness in His image.

How to Play This App

Find the arrows on the lower right and seamlessly glide yourself forward through the scenes, or go back to play the previous slide again. Hit the puzzle icon to navigate a few slides forward or adjust sound settings, and try tapping on the words or virtually anything at all for hidden surprises! A true message will be revealed by the end, so make sure to click the text for it to be revealed and you’ll certainly end with a fulfilling smile.


Well, I can’t give it all away, so don’t delay and download it below! It’s amazing to see Drew grow stronger and stronger, and I certainly hope there are more Drew’s Dancing Drum episodes to come!

Download Drew Meets Boo app here

Love In Christ,
Peter Silas

Developer’s Web Site: Charter Road Productions, Inc.

Find other similar Christian Apps in My iTunes/Android App Store

Realms of Glory Christian App Review

Realms of Glory Christian App Review

Taking the Fiction Out of Christian Sci-Fi

Realms of Glory iPad AppHow good it feels to embrace God’s gift of the universe, exploring even just the very tip of infinity and beyond! That was one of the many immediate thoughts that came to mind after having the privilege of being one of the first to review Realms of Glory, the newest example of a Christian gaming and educational application available for your iPad. If you are into science from a creationist standpoint, then I’m not going to be the only one thrilled at what Digital Worship, LLC has put together for its audience!

The first thing I must describe is perspective. Filled with facts, fun, imagery and inspirational verses, I was immediately reminded of how great the Lord our God is. Even the littlest detail does not miss the chance to relate His magnificent creation – immeasurable, inconceivable, immutable and ineffable; His glory is shown as a bright comet, a massive planet and as galaxies far, far away. The fun and engaging facts were only the beginning. The real truth was realized when I engaged with the cryptogram, “Decode the Universe,” which was nothing less than representative of the complexities of matter that He has blessed us to have discovered.

Audience and Spin

I for one cannot consider myself well educated on the solar system, so I also had the benefit of being taught many science lessons by the The Realms of Glory app. It certainly put to test everything I had learned in schooling, but this time I was educated on the universe, beyond Earth, in a whole new way: from the perspective of God. That is why I could picture this app in Great Universethe hands of any child – of any age – who is most likely learning about science from only one point of view. How emboldened would I have been to have been reassured that the magnificence in the skies isn’t supposed to be understood any more than He would have it; that the beauty and splendid awesomeness is an obvious reflection of Him and not some per chance spark that expanded into an unfathomable space.

Wow, how inspiring! And God has used technology in yet another grand way, inspiring Realms of Glory and its creators to reveal His seven day work.

Technological and End-User Aspects

From an end-user standpoint, this certainly has a bit of everything. Although it was challenging at first to figure out the rules of the word puzzles, it was well worth the time. I couldn’t put it down! In fact, I thought I’d never get to this review…

The sound effects were appropriate, and not overwhelming. The navigation was straight forward, and there was an abundance of fact finding and inspirational journeying beyond the main game of this app. From the home screen, take a journey in space and see the seven days revealed; easily tap the home button or back buttons from wherever you are to skip Explore the Realmsaround to different educational puzzles. Play various difficulties on the word riddles – and don’t be alarmed when you are soon running out of chances to choose the right letters to solve the Christian phrase! You’ll get a friendly, yet ominous sounding sci-fi “X” (not sure how to sound it out – you’ve got to hear it for yourself!) And, if you have what it takes to order the planets by size, take a guess at which planet has the strongest gravity, or ascertain which has the longest day, then download this iPad app now!

As a whole, it was easy to install, there were no bugs, every button worked seamlessly and better yet it is ad free. Share it with your friends, and learn to your heart’s content, because you’ll find new meaning with God that is literally out of this world.

Awesome Realms of GloryOh, and I always have to leave a little hint of what you should be expecting: I’m still working on unlocking the comet shower.

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas

Download here or view in my iTunes App Store: Realms of Glory

Chasing God by Angie Smith Review

Chasing God by Angie Smith Review

A Christian Inspirational Book Review by Peter Silas

Hover Image to Purchase
Humility and Humbleness. Honest and Real. These are all qualities that the author Angie Smith exhibits in her book Chasing God, an inspirational book that will show you just what it means to discover Him for Him and not for you.

It’s the difference between following and chasing. Highly poetic & extremely well written, this author is very articulate while able to speak to an audience just wanting to hear something in layman’s terms. Clearly, Angie Smith is in touch with her faith and called to share it with us all. I recommend this book to all who are looking to make sense of their journey in a tangible way toward Him.

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas

It’s Christmas, and I Want More

It’s Christmas, and I Want More

Great Feast Day Post #12: The Nativity of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Christmas FeastSo we finally come to the Great Feast Day of Christmas: The Nativity of Christ. For this final post that I am writing, which joins eleven others that make up a total of twelve great feast posts, I am going to adhere strictly to my heart. I am going to make no intellectually charged or theologically dense statements, insights or any other profound acts of over-pandering to those who just want to hear His Word.

But do any of us just want to hear His word? If it makes us feel better, maybe. Face it: we’re all wrapped up in a world of consumerism, and every step we take toward Him is an outright act of defiance against what secularism states we must do or become. All right, that was a little dense. I am human, after all.

Great FeastIt’s the last feast of the calendar year, although it’s not the last of the Church calendar we are on. Maybe I am guilty too of conforming to earthly standards: I started my first great feast post by writing about Theophany – in January – instead of in September where our liturgical calendar truly begins. In this manner the journey toward Him, battling our way back and forth like a pin ball between right and wrong, may feel at first like a hot and cold, narcissistic relationship where we find ourselves using Him to meet our needs rather than the opposite. So I started the new year with a blog to spread His word. Maybe deep down I just wanted to show off my creativity and skill based on some subconscious resolution, after realizing my first attempt at writing a novel was most likely going to be mediocre at best. But hear me now, my friends. Coming to a humbling conclusion is nearly half the battle. We find we are human and so perhaps can at last move on and understand what is most important.

And I’ve now come to Christmas. We’ve come to Christmas. The birth of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. This is not our first attempt to appreciate what this time really means, and for many it won’t be our last. We’ve got to make the tough decision of not wanting anything more than to be close to Him. We’re nothing without that closeness. And if we could just take a moment from being self absorbed and relentlessly destructive toward our lives with wants, needs, possessions and other comforts, we could make the tough decision of following Him against the comfortably easy decision of pleasing ourselves. Each feast day we have had the opportunity to see how important it is to enter a church and experience yet again a connection with others under the wings of glory. And, although it is the last I am going to write for, it is only the beginning of which I yearn for: I want more of Him, year after year, feast after feast; Christmas after Christmas.

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas

Park the Ark Christian App Review

Park the Ark Christian App Review

An App Created by Truth Gaming, LLC

Park the Ark Christian AppTruth Gaming, LLC has done it again. Not only is this app free, but it is hands down one of the most creative Christian apps I have got my hands on – literally: you use your hands to rotate your iPad to steer Noah’s Ark. This engaging Christian app, Park the Ark Sight Words Quest, combines everything you would want to be able to give your children a combination of tools that allows for them to stay centered in Christ, learn spelling, have fun with an engaging game play as well as incrementally enhancing the challenge through each level.


Check out this YouTube video for everything you would need to know. It’s breathtakingly creative and I highly recommend this app. Add-ons are available, and additional expansions are coming soon, so this app will be far from static but rather an ongoing experience with an app centered on biblical references and English skill sets!

Go to the developer’s site here.
Park in the Ark interface
Download on your iPad here.

When You Realize You are Ready to Write

Thought on Being Ready to Write

You know you are getting back into writing mode because you can enter this world that no one else can see inside of until you choose to reveal it. Like a fortress carefully barricaded until it is completely developed and readied to face what lies ahead.

Peter Silas

Show Your Love for Him: It Must Start Somewhere

Just a few thoughts crossed my mind for today.

Perhaps just a few words.

How best to express your love for Him? Is it virtue? Patience? Humility? The world would show us there are more important things.

The day passes by. The night evades our attention. But the good works one can do will tip the scale once the final day comes. Not because good works are the key, but through our Christian faith we would not want to do other than good.

Sacrifice a time to spread His love. Giving up certainty toward health and happiness through money and success is possible. Help others in need through what resources you have. Perhaps then they can share their ability and love in Christ. And both will grow in connection to the Creator.

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas