God is Able Review by Peter Silas

God is Able Review by Peter Silas

God is Able by Priscilla Shirer: Review by Peter Silas

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God is Able
by Priscilla Shirer explains exactly why the author is on the New York Times Best-Selling List. Looking for a taste of the inspiration that the Holy Spirit has to offer? Look no further.

She captures your attention from the beginning. Speaking directly to you, and to everyone like you. Those who have struggled to keep the power of God in the forefront of their minds. How creative this is, and it is only the beginning of the book. Wait until you hear of the miracles that continue in modern times!

God is Able ReviewThrough her voice, Priscilla Shirer guides you back into the realms of possibility that you perhaps once knew; the realms that we know are only possible through the great power of our Almighty Savior and the Holy Trinity. I abstracted one theme. This theme was successfully molded via Scripture, experience, story and hope and thus translated into one message for her audience: there is always hope where God is, and God is everywhere.

There are many eBooks out there that are based on inspirational quotes, stories of miracles and hope for the future. But few are written so that you can feel the experience through the author and his or her eyes. Get this book now and find out exactly how happy I was to read this. God speaks through all of us. We are His vessels for spreading the Word, and it is up to us to listen to one who has a few words to share.

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas

Whispers of Hope: Each Day is an Answer

Review of Whispers of Hope

Whispers of Hope: 10 Weeks of Devotional Prayer by Beth Moore

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Whispers of Hope by Beth Moore led me to one conclusion: each day is an answer. And, in 70 days, you will have mastered her personalized algorithm of praying to Him if you can commit just a half an hour each time.

Using her P.R.A.I.S.E. format, Beth Moore successfully portrays a tangible method of reaching your prayer goals that perhaps you have found difficult to meet, whether because you could not find the time, method or simply felt disconnected. Through excitement and direction, you will be guided through praise, repentance, acknowledgement, intercession, supplication, and equipping. It matters not your denomination: I found this to be indisputably filled with the love of Christ.

whispers of hopeThe introduction just takes minutes to read through, and you are well on your way to starting day number one. Each day gives you a unique Scripture reading followed by relevant thoughts for the day. Then, you have a creative space to jot down what comes to mind and reflect through Beth Moore’s powerful format.

In these times we find ourselves in, prayer is our best friend. It guides us when we are lost. It re-centers us when we feel to be on the brink of defeat. The secular world makes it challenging to focus on Him during silence and we may find thoughts racing through our minds, but works such as Whispers of Hope by Beth Moore is exactly what we need to know that Christ is reachable within a few minutes of our time.

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas

Presentation of the Theotokos Great Feast Day

Presentation of the Theotokos Great Feast Day

The Entry of the Most Holy Theotokos into the Temple; An example for every parent and child.

Great FeastThe Great Feast which we celebrate on the 21st of November, 2013, is the Presentation of the Theotokos. The Ever Virgin Mary’s entrance into the Temple is yet another example of how to live and serve our God – honoring Him who gives us all. Thus we come to the second to last feast day which I shall write for (the Nativity being the last, until we come to the anniversary of my first post for Theophany).

Presentation of the TheotokosJoachim and Anna, who I had discussed in my post for the Nativity of the Theotokos, again come back into full light. We have learned how Anna promised her daughter Mary to God, and we discussed that this is evidenced to us primarily through an apocryphal book known as James. And so history shall repeat itself, as the writing from James continues the humbling story of two blessed parents. Joachim and Anna do not remain privileged for receiving the gift of Mary being born to them, but instead honor Him for the answer to their prayers and consecrate her to God in the Temple in Jerusalem. The Presentation of the Theotokos thus shows us how everything is given to us, including our children, along with every other blessing, and that we should not take this for granted but instead find it another reason to grow closer to Him through worship, prayer and sacrifice.

Abstracted from this, I feel a strong message. It is not just symbolism but it is additionally a way: a way to connect our fruitfulness on earth with His everlasting glory in eternity. Let us too offer our appreciation of the gifts of children to Him. Let us present our own appreciation through caring for them, instructing them of the good works of our Lord, and of the life in Christ He wants us to live. Not because He needs us, but rather because we need Him. And if only we could set aside our busy life – a life that will be over as a swift breeze through the sky passes by – to remember that we need Him and despite our weaknesses He gives us these ways to honor Him and love our children through Him. And so we come to the hidden message relating to the Presentation of the Theotokos: Joachim and Anna loved their child, and loved Him, and there is clearly nothing to distinguish as different in the way they showed their love for both. You see, their relationship with Him, each other and their loved ones were seamless. Clearly they showed this simultaneously and without hesitation.

Additional: Read an article about this feast day from OCA.org.

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas

Mindscape: Christian Meditation 101

Mindscape Meditation App for iPad

Created by Amina Hammond

Mindscape MeditationWe’ve all heard of meditation, and, for us Christians, it can sometimes be a bit challenging to separate the secularized image that can go along with it. Sure, we know that silence, prayer and a calm heartbeat can be a much more practical scenario to receive His blessings through the Spirit. But how can we do this in this modern age?

The answer seems to be through the Mindscape Christian meditation application, available to you through the iTunes App Store. With this handy software, you can put your iPad to good works by centering your thoughts on Him. Focus on your scripture of choice and a soothing virtual setting and begin your connection to the Lord. Take a break from browsing YouTube on Safari and download Mindscape Meditation; both a free and paid version is available.

To start begin by clicking the app on your main screen. The app will instruct you to get a fresh revelation, and when you click the start button you have three beautiful, and familiar, settings to choose from. I love the skies, so I chose “Peaceful Clouds.” Mindscape Meditation ScreenshotHave a lot of time? Choose to meditate for 30 minutes, or cut that down by a third if you are on a quick break from work. Now comes the interactive part: multiple topics to choose from and, within those topics, you can find recommended quotes from Scripture. I chose “Healing” and “Isaiah 53.5.” The first time through, I recommend to use the voice guide (it will prompt you to turn it on) so you can follow the meditation exercise as it was intended. From there, you should be a pro with the app, and you can just sit back and listen to the sounds, watch the beautiful visions and allow the Word of God to inspire you into a calm and productive day centered on Him.

Technological perspective: The navigation was easy and excellent. Easily go back a screen as if it were a browser. Even end a session early by tapping on top of screen once to find exit button (you won’t find you will want to end early). Plus: e-mail the scripture and share your experience when you are finished with a quick link provided to you by Mindscape.

Overall, the overarching theme of this app were the sounds and imagery, which shows how what He created can be used for good. All is His creation, and so He gave it to us to use for good works. In this modern time, we can combine this and His Word with technology – and so the Mindscape Meditation app performs His will with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Click below to download this now to your iPad!

More from the developer

The Greatest Hidden Truth

“The Greatest Hidden Truth”

by Rev. Elbert “Audie” Derryberry III

This is an excerpt from my revised e-book, “FAR OUT’ the Hidden Truth.” There are two fictional characters in this excerpt, Anna and her pastor.

“Anna told him that she had been discussing his tract and the ‘Hidden Truth,’ with her relatives. Anna said, ‘I know what it is. In this world, we are swimming in an ocean of lies.’ The pastor said, ‘Yes, you are right.’ Then Anna’s eyes darkened with strong feeling. She said, ‘I believe there is another ocean of lies, even more insidious. Am I right’? The pastor nodded yes. Anna said, ‘Tell me about it.’ Her pastor sat down, looking at the floor, his face paling. He said, ‘It is the church. Our city has over a hundred churches in it. But only one is a True Christian church. That is true of all of the cities around us, maybe throughout the state. Maybe the whole country.’ Anna said, ‘Why’?! Her pastor said, ‘About two thousand years ago the Apostles traveled out of Israel into Turkey and Greece evangelizing communities as they traveled preaching the Gospel. They also wrote divinely inspired letters to the new churches which were popping up all over the region. Eventually those letters became a large collection, known as epistles. They were added to the four books that the disciples had written about the life of Jesus Christ including the book of acts. These writings were originally written in the Greek language, and all were brought together and became known as the New Testament. As time went by, the paper of the original New Testament began to decay. The church realized that if they did not copy the original, the Bible would be lost to them until the end of the world. So the churches in Greece and Turkey, which was called the Byzantine Empire, began to copy the original text. Later, their copies became known as the Byzantine copies. Because Christianity began to flourish in the Byzantine Empire, their copies of the Bible developed a more dependable reputation. They were considered to be accurate to the original.”

“There was a Jewish cult known as the Cabalists, a cult that had followed Israel from Babylon back to the Land Israel. They are a chameleon cult; they attach themselves to other religions, and change their name. In the case of Israel, they called themselves the children of Israel or Jews and took on some of the characteristics and teachings of Judaism. In that way they could blend in with the population of Israel and slowly corrupt them and their beliefs. When Christianity came on the scene, they followed Christians out into the world and changed their name again, calling themselves the Gnostics. They also thought of themselves as Christians so they could blend into the church, with the same intent, to corrupt the church. They acquired a Greek copy of the New Testament and moved to Alexandria, Egypt where they started a church, calling themselves Christians. But in reality they were a Gnostic cult. They also began copying the Greek copies.”

“They fit into that area very well since Gnosticism flourished there, rather than true Christianity. They continued to copy their Greek copies of the New Testament, but they began to change the Greek copies, violating Revelations 22:18-19. Today their copies are known as the Alexandrian copies.”

“Some theologians say that the Alexandrian copies are better, because they are older. Of course they are older, they are copies of copies. The Byzantine Christian churches had the original text. They did not have to copy the original until much later. They had the Original Text of the Holy Bible.”

“In 1611, King James the 1st of England commissioned his theologians to translate the Bible into English. They chose the Byzantine copies, realizing the major inferiority of the Alexandrian copies. That translation, from the Byzantine copies, has become known as the King James Version, which still exists today, thank God. It is known as the Authorized version. But sadly my research has revealed to me that most, if not all, of the Modern translations are translated from the greatly inferior Alexandrian copies; therefore they are not bibles. Also, to my dismay, most, if not all, of the churches in our city and the surrounding cities are now using these Modern translations. Some of these translations have from 50% to 100% paraphrasing as well as being translated from the Alexandrian. Since the True Holy Bible is the foundation of the church, we therefore have only one church in our city.” Her pastor added, “That is the Greatest Hidden Truth!” And that is one of the greatest reasons I believe that Christ’s return is very near and why I wrote, ‘“The Fig Tree is in Leaf.”’ Her pastor looked up at Anna. Anna was now the one looking at the floor with her face white as a sheet. Her legs had given out and she was seated now. She looked up at her pastor, her face flushing with wrath and her eyes sparking Then, as she began to return to normal, a tear ran down her cheek. She said, ‘That means my precious Jesus is at the door. I will see Him soon.’ Then, without any more words, she rose, as did her pastor. She walked over to her pastor and gave him a loving bear hug, thanked him, walked to her car and drove away.”

This excerpt is from my novelette, but this excerpt is not fiction, except for the characters. How I wish it were, but it is not; it is Fact.

Rev. Elbert “Audie” Derryberry III

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Far Out the Hidden Truth
This is an e-book that many think to be a Science Fiction Novelette with a Christian message. It is neither. In fact many call Christianity a religion which it is not. Christianity is a personal relationship with God, established by God and God only. Many religions have build their man made recitals around the Holy Bible, but they are not Christianity. It is strange to me how the reader of my e-book can read it and come to so many erroneous conclusions. The Science Fiction elements are merely the background for “The Hidden Truth.” I never intended it to have Christian elements either, but sometimes books take on a life of their own. Maybe that is because I am a Christian pastor but I am also a scientist. I should Not have entitled it “FAR OUT the Hidden Truth.” I should have called it simply, “The Hidden Truth.” That is what the e-book is all about and nothing else! So, the ultimate question is: what is “The Hidden Truth”? If you read my e-book, you might discover “The Hidden Truth”. No one has yet! So I ask you, what is “The Hidden Truth”? The answer is In the book. Maybe it should be classified as a mystery? Many who read this e-book think that most of the science in this book is science fiction. The opposite is True! Most of the science in this book is factual! Maybe I should make a list of all of the facts in this e-book and put this list in the Appendix. This proves that there are many “Hidden Truths”, and confusion. The readers believe in a world, our world, for the most part, that does not exist! So, I ask the reader, what is “The Hidden Truth”?

God Reveals His Mercy, Even With Pain

God Reveals His Mercy, Even With Pain

Dear Audience,

How to Become a Christian AuthorI have finally reached the point where I am able to post on a daily (almost!) basis. This new category reveals different thoughts that I ponder over during the span of a day, which could include things that happen directly to me or even possibly something that I simply observe. The main idea here is that I am sharing an abstraction between the visible and invisible worlds, and in doing so I am strengthening my own awareness and practicing virtue in the quest to move closer to Him. I encourage you to do this at least once a day. How much stronger would this make you, by looking past your misfortune or another difficult experience, and gleaning into what possibly could be what is best for you in all His glory?

YesterTransfiguration of Our Lordday I was drifting off into the past. I don’t typically do this, as I actually perceive there being no such thing as the past or future. There is the now, what happened to the now, and what may happen to the now. But the now is for us to take care of, and the rest is for Him to decide. Anyhow, I drifted. I am still a part time nurse and I was thinking about pain and discomfort that many of my patients go through or have gone through. Pain is something very challenging for us to reconcile with. We know that Jesus died for us in the most horrible of ways, and that by doing this he was able to in the most mystical of ways take this to pay for our sins and so the door to salvation had been opened. We know that what we are experiencing when we hurt is purely temporal, which in terms of time pales in comparison to the wondrous eternity we will reach through our struggles. And so I come to this: “Help Christians to struggle.” What does this mean?

During a reader service, known as the Small Compline, this is chanted during A Prayer to Our Lord Jesus Christ. Yes, this is an Orthodox Christian example I am using, because this is the path I am on in order to grow closer to Him. Do not be uncomfortable in this; it is simply an example I know that I can use to get the message of this post out. So, when this is chanted, or if it were to be chanted before you, what would you take this to mean? I take it to mean that in struggling we become closer to Him, because we are not only humbled but we can experience a grace to a much larger degree in that we faithfully still love Him with all of our hearts through all trials and tribulations. Additionally, it is quite often the underlying message in the pain that is most important to abstract and through practice you too can do this.

Yes, it takes me sometimes months to realize what really had happened. So I am probably forced a bit to look at the past of now. Here is where my thoughts yesterday led me to. I remembered an experience where my hours at work were cut drastically. I could not understand this, and felt it to be unfair and of course I felt a bit sorry for myself. But then something soon happened to me. I woke up one morning with excruciating pain in my neck and upper back. I could no longer exercise (taking care of the body I have been given is part of my daily routine, and you can read about being a Christian and exercise here). I could barely wash my hair, eat, let alone lay down free of pain, and this lasted for quite some time. I was needless to say very nervous about how I would manage working as a nurse. And yesterday, it occurred to me: the job that my hours had been cut back for was the most physical of my nursing work. I did not have to work there for another month, aPain and Sufferingnd so, I did not have to worry about explaining why I could not show up for a shift. I was able to heal, without compromising my job by calling in sick. Yes, the pain was horrible. Yes, I begged for mercy. But God, all knowing as He truly is, gave me a blessing in disguise, and in advance, that I could not see the true meaning of or purpose at the time. I had been blind-sighted, as I was caught up in my own needs and desires and self-centered behavior.

Sometimes it takes discomfort and suffering to bring out the grace through Him. This is how God reveals His mercy, even with pain. Through the Trinity this is manifested. The Father of plans, the Son of salvation and the Spirit of implementation. All was present in my experience above and I too encourage you to look at your situation. Whether your pain brings you true empathy to help others, or it brings you closer to Him in other ways, or it leads to something much brighter: Hang on to your faith during the now and the now to become will be handled according to His will in what is best for you. As J.R.R. Tolkien speaks through Gandalf, so eloquently in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” Or, as he also writes, “I will not say, do not weep, for not all tears are an evil.” No, they are not bible quotes, but God does inspire and empower us through the Holy Spirit to say things that may indeed be more than an earthly, secular expression. Of course, the overarching meaning of The Lord of the Rings has been up for debate.

I hope this post will serve you well, as I too hope that in what I say I am not steering one from the path but simply bringing a gift to others through my pain and suffering.

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas

Drew’s Dancing Drum Review: A Simple Message in Christ

Drew’s Dancing Drum Review: A Simple Message in Christ

Bringing to our Children the Meaning of Faith

Drew's Dancing DrumThrough terms one can understand, I am always searching for analogies that represent how one can live in the world, but not of the world. Learning how to use the tools given to us, as adults, in order to assimilate our mission with His will can be challenging to say the least. Sometimes it is through a simple message – through a means more familiar – that we can find just the right concept.

And it is through Drew’s Dancing Drum that not only adults, but children especially, can experience a strong yet simple message and find comfort in our omnipotent and merciful God. An app for iPad and iPhone, Justine Danielle Del Monte and Brandon Chappell bring a fun and engaging story to your home. In 12 slides, a lasting impression is sure to be made on your little one – in addition to yourself. Follow the story of a boy who has so much fun and joy with the toys he is afforded, but yet learns that it will take much more than materials to reveal light when times become dark.

Simple themes, music, fun and even animals: good things of this world are everywhere, butDrew's Dancing Drum nothing can fully bring us happiness but Him, and so this app illustrates (literally!) that one should not take for granted His love and gifts to us. In addition, it displays forgiveness, honoring and trusting your parents, and the presence and importance of family. What better way is there to send these strong messages to our Children, who are the future and the true blind followers of our Lord? The use of engaging apps that take advantage of the modern technology comes full circle with the simple download of a free app to your iPad or iPhone.

It is only with God that anything is possible, and Drew’s Dancing Drum will give your young child a clear picture of how the love that Christ fills us with can impact one in the most basic of ways. It will remind you, also, that there is no need to look too hard for Salvation. The answer could be as rudimentary as a boy’s dancing drum.

A few points on the technology: great graphics, age-appropriate wording and fun music. I loved the functionality of clicking on the puzzle piece to go back to a specific slide. Also, I’ll reveal a hint: click on the title at the beginning for fun acoustics. And finally, at the end, discover a quote from Psalms. I won’t spoil everything, so you must download Drew’s Dancing Drum to discover the final message the author is trying to convey!



View the developer’s web site, Charter Road Productions Inc.

The Prophecy of the Sacred Cross: A Free Kindle Christian eBook

A Free Kindle Christian eBook

The Prophecy of the Sacred Cross is Free on Amazon.com!

Press Release!

The Prophecy of the Sacred CrossJoin Peter Silas and his efforts to spread his message through Christian Fiction. The Prophecy of the Sacred Cross: Book #1 in The Parables of the 24th Elder will be FREE on Wednesday, October 16th until Sunday, October 20th! Simply click here and download to your Kindle on or between those dates!

After that, starting October 21st, 2013, this epic-length novel will be at a bargain sale of $0.99! Please, click below to share this with your friends and/or audiences on Facebook or Twitter!

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The Future…
…Heaven and Hell. Angels and Demons. Spiritual Warfare. The Beginning of the End has Come.

An intellectual boy is transported to the Kingdom of Heavenly Creatures, receiving protection against fallen angels. Engaging in a ruthless pursuit of a cross given to him by his grandfather, the Prince of Darkness and his legions go to great lengths, disrupting his life both in the visible and invisible worlds.

The choice is Timothy’s to follow his guardian angel, knowing those he loves most are increasingly at risk the further he moves toward the divination.

Click here and download to your Kindle for FREE on or between 10/16/13-10/20/13.

Thoughtree for iOS 7: Organize Your Christian Quotes and Ideas

Thoughtree for iOS 7: Organize Your Christian Quotes and Ideas

A Review on the Newest Organization App for Christian iPad/iPhone: Thoughtree

5 out of 5 crosses

ThoughtreeHave you ever been reading, inspired by thoughts of your faith, and wishing to capture the messages you hear so that you can remember them and share with those who you know? I know I have been there, and a pad of paper can get messy real fast.

An award winning app, Thoughtree, designed for both iPhone and iPad, is an app that I was introduced to recently that may be just the solution. A piece of technology that, while not specifically an app with a Christian mission in and of itself, is yet another modern tool that can be used for good. A tool that we can use, which does not fit into the categories of risky immoral technology that those who swear by tradition would otherwise have it in… ok, maybe I am taking this a bit too far… never-mind then, just try it out!

With ThoughtreeThoughtree you can easily organize your thoughts, quotes, verses, references… the list goes on. Tip: Start by clicking on the gear icon and tap the plus sign on the top right to add a new category, before you are able to add a new thought. Before you know it, you will have plenty of categories and thoughts that you will no longer have to memorize! I know I have been in church plenty of times, being distracted by the next chapter in my book that I thought about on the drive over. Now I can enter it (once I stop driving) first in my Thoughtree app for iPad, and relax. When you get back to it, easily search for your thought and watch results via an interactive search list appear or disappear as you type in letters.

From a tech point of view, it is intuitive but I can see how it may be a bit challenging for some who are not savvy with technology or are new to their iPhone or iPad. Have patience – practice your virtues!

The best part about this app is that it is (at least right now) free. And there is a lot more with it left to discover, beyond the few pieces I wrote about (sharing with social media, time stamps, etc.)

I rate this 5 out of 5 crosses. Find out how to get it:

Via Apple Store:

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas

Three Wise Queens Review: Attracting All Audiences

Three Wise Queens Review: Attracting All Audiences

A Review on an iPad Story App

5 out of 5 crosses

three wise queensThree Wise Queens is an app of a whole different nature, which I had yet to review one like it. A storyline, it presents a perspective on a well-known scriptural event that is geared toward several audiences.

Based on The Three Wise Men, this app brings into your home a beautifully designed story that follows the wives of each king, and focuses on their contributions and point of view during the events that led the strangers from distant lands to Jesus who laid in the manger. From following this complete story via an iPad app, I not only got my daily dose of experiencing more in the world of Christian technology, but I also was able to glean something very important. It was not just the kings who were led to Jesus: it was all of us through our spiritual connection in Christ that were brought to Him. And so this app was outstanding in that beneath the lines it was able to capture not only the female and child audiences, but brought with it a strong message of our brotherly and sisterly connection with one another in His birth.

The graphics were outstanding and second to none. The audio was fitting and Three Wise Queens Angelengaging. The story itself did not fall short of substantial content, and it was engaging at the same time as you could click on the image of an angel to have it read to you. The only technical drawback was that, being quite lengthy, I was looking for a link back to the start once I reached the end of the story but could not find one.

I urge you all to try out this innovative take on a well known event in biblical history! Your child is sure to add this to their list of stories that, whether during the day or for bedtime, are going to want to hear it more than once. I rate this 5/5 crosses!

Purchase Via iTunes:

three wise queens






Or, find out more on the developer’s site:

3 Wise Queens


Love in Christ,
Peter Silas