The Worship KenBook: Merging Music and Ministry

Review of The Worship Kenbook

The Worship Kenbook: Merging Music and Ministry

5 out of 5 crosses

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The Worship Kenbook leads to the re-centering of a seeker’s faith to basic principles and values, which we can remember in our minds and instill in our hearts, and furthermore find a path toward the utilization of God-given skills.

Being a true “dummy” to the concept of worship ministry, this book was a perfect fit for me to read. In fact, I am such a novice to the idea, the picture of the guitar on the cover did not even clue me in to the fact that The Worship Kenbook gives powerful insight into the world of ministry through music. Part of this is probably related to the fact that I have been attending an Orthodox Christian service for so many years: being so connected to His Tradition through my church’s traditions I sometimes lose sight of other means to connect to Him and lead others to the Light of love. Thank you, Gangai Victor, for helping to humble me.

The book, a relatively quick and easy read for the one-hundred-and-twenty-some-odd pages that Kindle claims it to be, starts off with a prayer. I really Prayerliked this, as throughout the book I was able be more attentive to the concept of prayer that Mr. Victor so often made mention of, stressing its central importance in our life in the Church, God and all we do in the world. From there, it goes right into the DNA of the Church and briefs on various concepts, such as knowing about worship vs. actually worshiping. What a great way to bring one back to the basic foundations and purpose of each here on earth! Additionally, the author frequently backs his message up with quotes. Remaining objective with this is hard, of course. Many of you may be familiar with the unlimited interpretations of verses out there. And some of you may not agree with this… but I myself can’t deny that Scripture is one tool given to us that cannot be overlooked, just as I would look toward stories of saints and the like. Gangai Victor is able to stay objective without pushing any particular denominational theme. I was quite comfortable with what I was reading. My point here is that I would challenge any one of you reading this review to read this book and tell me you were not able to connect in some way! Especially with him using his own life story to connect to the general audience.Another important concept he outlines is one’s heart being in the worship, verses “fake” worship. One being able to distinguish the one from the other is what leads a “Christian” to cross the invisible line of giving one’s self to the Lord and living according to Him. Once again, through sharing his own experience, the reader is given clear examples along with both Scripture and practicality to hopefully unlock their heart during their next worship session with God; whether it be prayer, service or doing a deed that is good in His eyes, the potential to grow is now given to the reader. I have spoken in other posts of how we tend to ignore obvious signs and feel we never hear His voice. But God speaks through all of us, to help each other move toward His likeness utilizing the image of God.

As I continued reading, I was surprised and this is when I realized what it was I was actually reading about. Using the previous chapters, Gangai Victor is really building a strong foundation for who this book is really written for (his dedication clearly states this). For those worship ministers, you now have clear principles to help guide you. Knowledge and love in Christ I would certainly say will bring one’s talents to fruition. And, although I feel that even the most humble fools for Christ can also lead an inspire others in ways aside from displaying earthly, blessings and gifts, the end result in what the author is giving the audience is very unique and is sure to bring another minister to realize their full potential through his careful, thoughtful and intellectual ways of presenting a clear program to follow.

Toward the end of The Worship Kenbook, I was particularly impressed with the reinforcement of humbleness and abstinence from pride while leading others. Mr. Victor’s wisdom in both experience and heart bring a smile to my face as now we have an additional insight into using tools to “live in the world, not of the world” and share our common path in Christ with one another. 5/5 crosses given for this eBook indeed.

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas

2 by 2 Review: A Christian Android App with a New Concept

2 by 2 Review: A Christian Android App

A Review on the Newest Concept for Christian Android Apps: Noah’s Ark for Kids 2 by 2

5 out of 5 crosses

2 by 2 for kids2 by 2 is a new kid’s Christian app for Android that I am thrilled to have had sent my way: a neat, hip, unique and highly functioning tool that can enhance memory skills – from a Christian perspective – is definitely a rare find to offset the overabundance of run-of-the-mill bible verse apps.

Based on Noah’s Ark and “2 of each species,” this app worked seamlessly from the beginning of my trial straight through the end. Starting at an appropriate level, I began my journey toward maxing out my memory skills by choosing a card to flip over that would reveal an animal. Once revealed, it returned to a face down position and waited for my next move to find the matching animal behind the other cards. The concept seems straight forward, as most of us have seen the physical versions of memory match cards. But this app made it so interactive, I could not put it down for the next hour. Once successful within the given frame of time, you move onto the next level, and also gain “store points” if able to flawlessly match the cards. The points allow you to purchase hints and tools that will give you a chance to get out of trouble later in the game.

I’d compare and contrast this app to Luminosity’s memory enhancing computer games. 2 by 2 Memory Game for AndroidAllowing your child to increase their brain functioning skills while having fun can be found in both, but with the 2 by 2 app for Android you have easy to push buttons, clear and motivating sound effects and music, as well as tips, instructions and bonuses to boot. All within the reach and each of a smartphone that can be carried on long trips, or even better, when you need a moment to think and need to keep your son or daughter occupied for a few minutes! How often can this opportunity be something that has a Christian point of view to it? Try this app out to let your kid test out God’s gift of mind.

The free version does come with ads, but they are small and don’t get in the way. I didn’t notice them past the next few levels. Too focused on getting 2 of each animal on board before Noah departs for safety!

I rate this 5 out of 5 crosses, and would give it 6 if I could. Get it now!

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Truth Gaming

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas

At This Mountain Long Enough Review

Review of At This Mountain Long Enough

A Review on a Christian eBook that Brings a New Light

5 out of 5 crosses
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At This Mountain Long Enough is an inspiring Christian eBook that, although geared toward women who are looking for a resource for realizing their true beauty through the image of God, also resonated with me. For those of you familiar with the Prologue from Ochrid, At This Mountain Long Enough would be a clear example of a modern-era collection of faith based writings that combines real life stories, scripture and interpretation that is sure to revive your perspective on who you are in relation to our Lord. Not only did the extensive originality bring me peaceful hope for difficult times, but this devotional guide also revealed to me the many struggles women live through and the pressures they face, which make difficult an openness to the Lord’s grace. But this is no more: with her unique writing format, Heather Barker buries the ways of complacency and sorrow that a woman must entertain on a daily basis using humor, insight and real experience.

Approximately 73 pages in print length, the end comes rather too soon; each excerpt shares with a reader a rich perspective that flows in an easy to read compilation and, before you know it, you’ve completed this work after being transported there and back again from a harmonious utopia. I recommend this eBook to not only all women, but also to those who are looking to understand a bit more about how the visible world can stand in the way of attaining union through the invisible. My blog is founded on principles of connecting to the invisible through the visible, and so I was truly excited to read a whole new take on real barriers that affect a path in Christ. Make sure to at the very least check out the example pages of At This Mountain Long Enough by clicking on the image above!

5/5 crosses!

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas

There Be Dragons Review

There Be Dragons Review

A Review on a Christian-based Movie that is More than Meets the Eye

4 of 5 crosses
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There Be Dragons, a movie from 2011 that is based on true events from the Spanish Civil War, unfolds a story of a man who discovers that his father has historical ties to [St.] Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer. Escrivá, eligible for canonization, is who brings an additional layer to this movie: this historical figure is known as the founder of a particular Roman Catholic organization known as Opus Dei.
I recommend There Be Dragons first because it brings several various components of human nature to the table: combining both facets of the image of God and of sin. Love, distrust, friendship, war, virtues and turmoil all make up this movie that is sure to leave your mind filled with not just the basic tenets of faithfulness, but also the forgiveness and loving nature of our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ.

The premise of There be Dragons is one that is sympathetic to Escrivá and those who were closest to him. As you might read elsewhere, it takes a completely different approach to describing his organization compared to that found in Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code starring Tom Hanks. I recommend this movie as instead of discovering conspiracy deep within the roots of those who represent faith, a keen eye will find the Holy Spirit glowing and abiding where all human folly and darkness would otherwise be prevalent. From my review of There Be Dragons I present the rating 4/5 crosses.

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas

Cross Words Review: A Ladder to Heaven on IPad

Cross Words Review: A Ladder to Heaven on IPad

A Review on the Newest Christian IPad App Available: Cross Words

5 out of 5 crosses

Finally, I get to review an IPad App! I just purchased my very own IPad mini, reluctantly; I have always been a PC user. But the timing could not have been better, as soon after I was asked to review a Christian App called Cross Words: A Bible Trivia Word Game. Now I’m hooked!

Cross Words, just having gone live yesterday, 6/21/13, is an educational IPad App that uses crossword puzzles anCross Words IPad Appd biblical quotes, and was a perfect way for me to get accustomed to my IPad. Not only did I get to polish my memory on biblical “persons, places and things,” but I had fun doing it, as this integrates easy to use drag and drop functionality along with integration to the App store and even Facebook. From a technological standpoint, which I always begin my reviews with (I’ll never let go of my past IT endeavors), this all worked without a hitch. Easy to install, easy to learn and easy to use. The sounds are rich too: “cha-ching” with a letter right, a scratchy record sound if wrong (made me laugh), and a sound that makes you feel real special when you finish the puzzle. Now on to the fun!

This app was super creative, not only from a user point of view, but also a developer’s point of view. Using a point system based on coins and levels, the questions get progressively harder as time goes on. But don’t get too confident; be weary! Five coins are handed to you for a correct letter, but 20 coins are removed if you get one wrong! Want a hint? Sure, no problem. But make sure you’ve banked up: the help costs 60 coins. This system made a simple concept of crossword puzzles fun, challenging, and I didn’t get bored. It was addictive in its own way, but I didn’t feel guilty about it – after all, I was studying the bible! In no time I got to show off my skills and collected 1,000 points. If my wife had been with me, we could have also played this trivia challenge together.

Cross Words IPad AppIt starts off as a free app. There are a few in-app purchase suggestion pop-ups for this free version, but as you rake up more and more points eventually you are prompted to get this for a super low price of 99 cents. Totally worth it, and you get free coins along with it (ok, so maybe I didn’t earn ALL of my 1,000 coins!). Looking to collect more coins? You might get a chance to share this on your facebook app for free coins.

By the time I got to level 20, I definitely needed my wife’s help (didn’t want to give up 60 coins as I was on the brink of losing my 1k coins!) Seriously Cross Words IPad Appthough, I really appreciated the challenge because it made me think and I knew I was learning.The bible quotes/snippets after each puzzle allowed me to breath the Word and take comfort in Him. This is going to be the perfect app for me to have on my new IPad when I have downtime or simply want to have a quick challenge. I rate this 5/5 crosses!

Well, I’ve got to go as level 21 is waiting: not sure how many there are to go, but I feel like I’m climbing the ladder to heaven.

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas

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For the Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada

Review of “For the Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada”

A Review on a Christian-based Movie that Offers Something More

4 of 5 crosses
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Just out in 2012, For the Greater Glory is based on the Cristeros War in Mexico, which lasted during the final years of the 1920’s. If you were to look up this movie, you might notice that it is usually described in terms of the Mexican countrymen and women who took up arms against a government that was largely “anti-God.” But I think that is more like seeing a glass half empty. I saw this movie instead as a group of people who, passionate for their freedom of religion and love of God through Christ, put faith first in order to protect their churches and ability to freely worship. That makes the glass seem more to be half full in regards to a movie with a good potential to deliver a religious message. And seeing the invisible God within the visible world – where sometimes it seems bereft of Him to the naked eye – is what I am all about. A perfect candidate for me to review.
I recommend this movie for two reasons. First, it portrays how in all of us, no matter how strong our practice of faith is, we cannot suppress the reality God plays in our lives. We can pretend to ignore it, or brush it off for a time, but it always comes back. Specifically, it seems to come back to us during times of need and it would seem naïve to try to ignore how this relates to Christ truly being the central point in our lives; He is the central point in our being and our reason for existing. So, with one of the main characters “Enrique Gorostieta,” a principled general played by Andy Garcia, we see just this very point I am making: he calls himself an Atheist and credits his helping of the suppressed Roman Catholics to be related to the money offered to take care of his family. But it seems that in the movie God had a different plan in store for this man. At least, I would want to believe that.

Secondly, this movie reminded me that as Christians we are always fighting persecution. And although we tend to be passive as the footsteps of Christ would have us be, there are certainly times where standing up for what we believe in is necessary for the greater good of those we love. War, of course, is a hard justification indeed, but it was a perfect metaphor for the tough decisions that sometimes must be made. But with God, even a boy, Jose, played by actor Mauricio Kuri, found a way to not deny God at an early age. It would be a cost, however the most touching part for me were those like him who would eventually become canonized as saints.

I feel that any Christian could get what I saw out of this movie. I am not Roman Catholic, and it does not matter. We are all one body under Christ and “For Greater Glory” once again helped me to see this.

Oh, and the acting, story line, and general “believability” was great too! 4/5 crosses.

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas

Nest Family Apps: Innovating Christianity

Nest Family Apps: Innovating Christianity

A Review on the Newest Christian Apps Available

5 out of 5 crosses

I have to say that I was super excited when I was offered the chance to be a tester for Nest Family App’s newest applications. I love to review Christian products, and to be able to give feedback as well was a pretty super opportunity. But, in this case I didn’t have to give any technical feedback aside from what I have to say right here.

Android App ReviewDownloading and installing the three apps to my Droid – He is Risen an Easter Story, Miracles of Jesus, & their newest release Daniel and the Lions’ Den – were fast and easy, in addition to loading time and responsiveness with functionality. That alone spoke volumes, as my Droid hasn’t always been kind to me, and if I had had an IPad or other smart device I would have rather tried it on those. But, I tried it on the device I thought I would have least success with, and it went as smooth as can be. Ok, now that I have the boring techy stuff out of the way, let’s get to the cool part.

Nest Family Apps hit the nail on the head with their vision: a combination of technology, creative artwork based on Christian themes and geared toward youth. Perfect. FoMiracles of Jesusr those of you who follow my blog, you know that Technology in Faith is a main category of mine. We need to use modern times to our advantage to keep spirit of hope and love in Christ alive. And so they did it with these apps. All three were fascinating in this context, but for this blog I will focus on Miracles (Miracles of Jesus).

If only I had had this as a kid (although you can increase difficulty and still have fun as an adult, it just can’t be the same as having an innocent approach to imaginative exploration)! The app loads into a landscape view and right off cartoon-like drawings catch my eye. Make sure to have your sound settings configured on your device, because the music was very complimentary to the visual aspects. Then, select the reading level and you’re off to explore. I explored alone, but I could just picture sitting with a child and sharing the fun: not only can you read through the 20 or so “app-sized” picture-filled page story associated with the particular app (this one, of course, related to His mMiracles of Jesus Homeiracles on Earth), but you can go back to the main screen and have it read to you. Or, “Read & Learn,” and have the ability to delve into interesting facts as you progress through the book. At the end, use basic critical thinking skills to apply additional thought to what you learned. Wherever you happen to leave off, it will also remember what page you were last on, so don’t worry about having to figure out some type of manual bookmark.

So that sounds great… a story in an app, that is already more functional than a Nest App Coloringsimple text based eBook. But that’s not where it ends. For $2.99, you not only get that, but Nest Family Apps gives you a whole separate menu of options. It’s a slide-bar of options filled with coloring, puzzles and trivia. The paint was the most fun – a virtualized coloring book. Choose a utensil of your choice, a color and you’re off!

So, as you can tell, you don’t have to be a child, but if you are a parent, with a younger kid, then you get the best of both worlds: education, both with technology and Christianity; and challenging activities that you can be confident are appropriate but still engaging. I say appropriate not just in terms of its rating, but also in that it doesn’t promote one denomination’s perspective over another… it follows along with the Bible story. I look forward to more coming out, and really enjoyed taking a step back from complicated theological concepts while feeling again what it’s like to be an innocent follower of Christ. 5/5 Crosses (Stars!).

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