Nest Family Apps: Innovating Christianity

Nest Family Apps: Innovating Christianity

A Review on the Newest Christian Apps Available

5 out of 5 crosses

I have to say that I was super excited when I was offered the chance to be a tester for Nest Family App’s newest applications. I love to review Christian products, and to be able to give feedback as well was a pretty super opportunity. But, in this case I didn’t have to give any technical feedback aside from what I have to say right here.

Android App ReviewDownloading and installing the three apps to my Droid – He is Risen an Easter Story, Miracles of Jesus, & their newest release Daniel and the Lions’ Den – were fast and easy, in addition to loading time and responsiveness with functionality. That alone spoke volumes, as my Droid hasn’t always been kind to me, and if I had had an IPad or other smart device I would have rather tried it on those. But, I tried it on the device I thought I would have least success with, and it went as smooth as can be. Ok, now that I have the boring techy stuff out of the way, let’s get to the cool part.

Nest Family Apps hit the nail on the head with their vision: a combination of technology, creative artwork based on Christian themes and geared toward youth. Perfect. FoMiracles of Jesusr those of you who follow my blog, you know that Technology in Faith is a main category of mine. We need to use modern times to our advantage to keep spirit of hope and love in Christ alive. And so they did it with these apps. All three were fascinating in this context, but for this blog I will focus on Miracles (Miracles of Jesus).

If only I had had this as a kid (although you can increase difficulty and still have fun as an adult, it just can’t be the same as having an innocent approach to imaginative exploration)! The app loads into a landscape view and right off cartoon-like drawings catch my eye. Make sure to have your sound settings configured on your device, because the music was very complimentary to the visual aspects. Then, select the reading level and you’re off to explore. I explored alone, but I could just picture sitting with a child and sharing the fun: not only can you read through the 20 or so “app-sized” picture-filled page story associated with the particular app (this one, of course, related to His mMiracles of Jesus Homeiracles on Earth), but you can go back to the main screen and have it read to you. Or, “Read & Learn,” and have the ability to delve into interesting facts as you progress through the book. At the end, use basic critical thinking skills to apply additional thought to what you learned. Wherever you happen to leave off, it will also remember what page you were last on, so don’t worry about having to figure out some type of manual bookmark.

So that sounds great… a story in an app, that is already more functional than a Nest App Coloringsimple text based eBook. But that’s not where it ends. For $2.99, you not only get that, but Nest Family Apps gives you a whole separate menu of options. It’s a slide-bar of options filled with coloring, puzzles and trivia. The paint was the most fun – a virtualized coloring book. Choose a utensil of your choice, a color and you’re off!

So, as you can tell, you don’t have to be a child, but if you are a parent, with a younger kid, then you get the best of both worlds: education, both with technology and Christianity; and challenging activities that you can be confident are appropriate but still engaging. I say appropriate not just in terms of its rating, but also in that it doesn’t promote one denomination’s perspective over another… it follows along with the Bible story. I look forward to more coming out, and really enjoyed taking a step back from complicated theological concepts while feeling again what it’s like to be an innocent follower of Christ. 5/5 Crosses (Stars!).

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