Faith for Daily Living App Review

Faith for Daily Living App Review

An App Created by FFDL – Faith for Daily Living

A Christian Outlook for Each Day

Faith for Daily LivingFaith for Daily Living, a Christian app for your Android device, will give you the one thing you need on a daily basis: the Word of God. Take one simple step to balance out what you might feel is an addiction to your phone! I am a strong believer that what we have given to us is not evil in and of itself, and it is our purpose that drives an outcome. Technology, although having the potential to take us away from what is most important in life, can also help us move toward Him.

And with this app you can do just that: with one press of the app button on your phone, begin viewing His Word with a daily bible quote. Meditate and reflect on a non-denominational reflection. No need to have to be at home to find His message; you can be at the coffee shop, at your desk at work, or wherever God may lead you. You’ll easily be reconnected to what is most important.

Functionality – the Inner Workings of Christ’s Message

In terms of functionality, it is quite simple, reflecting the simplicity of life our Lord had in store for us. After seamlessly downloading onto your device, just click on the app and you’re inside without another thought. No ads, no additional screens. Choose the day if not today, in case you missed one. It features a neat single level navigation bar on top, and feel free to slide over the left chevron to share or rate.

I highly recommend it! Get Faith for Daily Living App and find a different Christian outlook for a different day.

Download via Google Play on your device or here. Check it out in my app store: Christian Android Apps

Go to the developer’s site here.

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