Jesus vs Santa: Christmas Misunderstood

Jesus vs Santa: Christmas Misunderstood

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By Jason E. Royle

Who influences our children more, Jesus or Santa? Is shunning Santa the Christian thing to do? Is Jesus alone enough to save us from the lure of Christmas? With a healthy dose of perspective for parents and self-help advice for people from all walks of life, this handbook is an interactive way to jumpstart a discussion with your family or church group about the two Stars of Christmas, Jesus and Santa.


Jason is the pastor of St. Paul’s United Church of Christ in Schaefferstown, Pennsylvania. A social worker before his call to full-time ministry, Jason received his Doctorate in Ministry from Sewanee: University of the South School of Theology and his Master’s from Johnson University. He and his wife, Heather, have two children (Katelyn and Nate) and one loyal but lazy dog (Rudy).


Amazon Book Review – 5 Stars

At last – a balanced approach to a serious subject.

Finally, I’ve found a book I can use for our parenting class at church. Until now, the only books I have come across that tackle this subject are so lengthy and theologically technical, I lose interest.

In the book, “How do we teach our children the differences between the sacred realities of Jesus and the secular traditions of Santa?” is the foundational question the author successfully answers in a straightforward, user-friendly way.

Shedding new light on what can be a difficult subject to discuss; the author offers a nice mixture of food for thought and light-hearted fun. Christmas Misunderstood will give you the tools you need to effectively and gently make informed decisions. A helpful little book!

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