Far Out the Hidden Truth

Far Out the Hidden Truth

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By Elbert Derryberry

This is an e-book that many think to be a Science Fiction Novelette with a Christian message. It is neither. In fact many call Christianity a religion which it is not. Christianity is a personal relationship with God, established by God and God only. Many religions have build their man made recitals around the Holy Bible, but they are not Christianity. It is strange to me how the reader of my e-book can read it and come to so many erroneous conclusions. The Science Fiction elements are merely the background for “The Hidden Truth.” I never intended it to have Christian elements either, but sometimes books take on a life of their own. Maybe that is because I am a Christian pastor but I am also a scientist. I should Not have entitled it “FAR OUT the Hidden Truth.” I should have called it simply, “The Hidden Truth.” That is what the e-book is all about and nothing else! So, the ultimate question is: what is “The Hidden Truth”? If you read my e-book, you might discover “The Hidden Truth”. No one has yet! So I ask you, what is “The Hidden Truth”? The answer is In the book. Maybe it should be classified as a mystery? Many who read this e-book think that most of the science in this book is science fiction. The opposite is True! Most of the science in this book is factual! Maybe I should make a list of all of the facts in this e-book and put this list in the Appendix. This proves that there are many “Hidden Truths”, and confusion. The readers believe in a world, our world, for the most part, that does not exist! So, I ask the reader, what is “The Hidden Truth”?

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