At This Mountain Long Enough

At This Mountain Long Enough: The guide to getting unstuck in your life

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By Heather Barker

Why every woman should read this book

The truths you’ll learn in this book will help set you free from the complacency that’s keeping you back, and the places where you’ve been stuck.
You’ll learn:
1. Who you really are and why God made you
2. To go after and succeed in your godly pursuits
3. How to identify and stop running after empty and vain dreams
4. How to embrace your true beauty
5. How to step forward even when you’re worried about what others think
In short, you’ll change your life for the better.

Reviews: (Read the review by Peter Silas here)

This book resonated with me on many levels because like the author, over the years, I too had become “stuck”, paralysed and unable to move forward due to shackles of fear, procrastination, low self esteem and the list goes on. In this refreshing and authentic work, Heather Barker provides practical tools and personal examples aimed at nudging us into our God-ordained purpose and destiny. Utilising personal examples and scenarios , she reminds us that we are not alone and that we all at some point in our lives allow circumstances, misconceptions , societal dictates , fear, disobedience and even lack of knowledge to hinder us from accomplishing God’s purpose and oft times our own dreams. What I loved about the book was that it was not at all preachy or judgemental, but allowed me at the end of each chapter to do some introspection and make practical changes based on biblical principles, as Heather was forced to do in her own life! That she brings a Caribbean as well as British perspective due to her life experiences can be only seen as a plus in this culturally rich and stimulating text. The fact that the book was written is evidence of the successful process of becoming unstuck – so I have been tremendously encouraged! If we only rely on God’s word, have faith and trust our worth in Him – in the author’s words WE CAN KNOW WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE ARE HERE TO DO – FINALLY!!
Ministry at its best!! A must-read!!

Author Bio:

Heather Barker is a Public Relations and Communications Professional living and working in the Caribbean island of Barbados.

She was born and raised in London, England (on jam tarts and the BBC) before relocating to Barbados with her family. Despite the repetitive nocturnal shrieks of whistling frogs and crickets, she calls the island home.

Heather is also an award-winning writer and is completing a collection of short fiction based on the journeys, joys and struggles of women in the Caribbean and throughout the Diaspora.

Her PR company, Clearly Content Communications Inc., provides clear and effective Public Relations and communications solutions for all media, particularly web-based.