A Summons for Champion Strength, The Legacy of an Unsung Bible Hero

A Summons for Champion Strength, The Legacy of an Unsung Bible Hero

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By S.R. Sinclair

It’s Time to Shake Off the Dust! If you thought your life was over at the moment of rejection, think again. The story of Jephthah’s life is depicted in the 11th chapter of Judges. Jephthah’s obscure entrance into the world began when he was born to a prostitute and a prominent country leader. Ostracized by his younger stepbrothers, Jephthah was eventually disinherited from his father’s will and forced to find his own way in life. The rejection he encountered in his father’s home also forced him to discover an extraordinary amount of strength he possessed which was used later to help save his family from being killed.

In today’s society, one of the major issues being discussed is bullying and the effects it has on victims. Without an alternative means for support, some people resort to suicide. A Summons for Champion Strength, The Legacy of an Unsung Bible Hero is not just another Bible story but it provides a perfect example of how a person was bullied but became stronger than those who rejected him. Overall, this book is a great tool for anyone regardless of their age, race, social or economic status who may be struggling with low self-esteem, rejection, fear of progress, physical challenges, or other problems which pose a threat to their life‘s purpose and encourages them to become a champion for God‘s kingdom.

Author Bio:

S. R. Sinclair, born “Stephanie Renee” is a native of Detroit, Michigan. The author holds a Master of Science in Administration and a Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Administration from Central Michigan University in addition to a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Development from Oakland University. The author’s professional experience includes business management, SEO content writing, marketing, and sales.

S. R. Sinclair also has experience in Christian youth leadership, Christian education, project management, event planning, and volunteer management of community based food distribution outreach programs. One of S. R. Sinclair’s long term goals is to help others discover their life purpose.