Free Christian Nonfiction eBooks 3-09-17

Free Christian Nonfiction eBooks 3-09-17

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What It Takes: Messages for Men Moved by God by Lance Cooper. Free on 3-09-17
Confused by mixed messages about what it is to be a man? And as a result you think that women, or money, or prestige, or power, or control will heal your heart or make you feel worthy? Has your heart been damaged by poor decisions or bad relationships? Perhaps you grew up with an absent father and now you are unsure of who you are as a man, or maybe addictions now form your identity and they threaten your life or that of your family? Maybe you have no real picture of how to recover, lower your anxiety, eliminate your anger or be a good man?

‘What It Takes: Messages for Men Moved by God’ is written as a forty day, devotional journey for men. This devotional study takes you deeper into the role of a man in today’s world. It helps you look at who you are becoming and how Jesus can change your heart and lift your spirit. At the end of each week you will be presented with a real man’s story of change and revival. There are twelve stories of real men moved by God to help you find practical answers to your own story and its challenges as you grow as a man – moved by God.

Some of the questions the devotionals answer:
– Manhood – what is it?
– Who is the real you – the authentic man in you?
– What is the best way for a man to relate to a woman?
– How is a man’s heart shaped by the influences around him every day?
– What’s it like to be challenged in a way that is sincere and real – in a way that helps you grow as a man?
– How do you face off against an imperfect world with courage, commitment and sacrifice?
– How do you know that you have what it takes?

Join us on a crusade to win back the hearts of men and to introduce them to prayer and a relationship with God. Please read the book and share what you discover as you find practical answers to the dramas in your own life and its challenges as you grow as a man – moved by God. You have what it takes … JESUS.

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