Free Christian Nonfiction eBooks 7/09/13

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The Wiersbe Bible Study Series: 2 Corinthians by Warren W. Wiersbe. Free on 7/09/13
The young church in Corinth was making a disheartening discovery: Believers are not immune from trials and pain. Drawing from his own personal struggles, the apostle Paul sent the congregation a remarkable message of encouragement and comfort. Based on his second letter to the Corinthians, this study explores the reality of suffering, the promise of the new covenant, and the hope available to every believer.

The Wiersbe Bible Studies Series explores timeless wisdom found in God’s word. Based on Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe’s popular “BE” series, each study provides topical, relevant insights from selected books of the Bible. Designed for small groups, this eight-week study features selected commentaries from BE Encouraged, engaging questions, and practical applications, all designed to help you connect God’s word with your life.

The Holy Bible, English Standard Version by Crossway Bibles. Free on 7/09/13

The English Standard Version (ESV) Bible is an essentially literal Bible translation that combines word-for-word precision and accuracy with literary excellence, beauty, and depth of meaning.

The ESV Bible is equipped with an enhanced navigation feature. Kindle’s index feature can be used to navigate directly to any verse. This feature is not supported on the Kindle 1 or any Kindle applications.

This edition includes cross-references within the text.

8 Reasons Your Life Matters by John Herrick. Free on 7/09/13
An e-book exclusive from Kindle best selling author John Herrick:

“If I were to disappear, would anybody notice?”

Each of us has asked that question in dark, honest moments.

In his first nonfiction book, 8 REASONS YOUR LIFE MATTERS, bestselling author John Herrick combines personal struggles with biblical insight. Injecting eight chapters with humor, memoir moments, and a postmodern perspective on life, Herrick shares eight reasons your life matters:

Your Life is More Permanent than Your Struggles
God Sees You Differently than You See Yourself
You Have a Destiny
You are Remembered, not Forgotten
You Were Someone’s First Pick
Your Absence Would Leave a Permanent Hole
People Need to See You Overcome
You are Loved and Valued

Eight solid reasons to give life one more chance. Eight reasons your life matters.

Join John Herrick, author of the novels From The Dead and The Landing, and discover fresh purpose for your life.

For readers who enjoy best sellers by John Maxwell, Joyce Meyer, and Joel Osteen.

Free Christian Nonfiction eBooks 7/01/13

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The Great Exchange by Don Mance. Free on 7/01/13
The cruxification of Jesus Christ and His resurrection have amazing and wonderful implications. Those implications extend into eternity, but they are also very important for the here and now.
Love in the House by Chris Jeub. Free on 7/01/13
When the TLC camera crew ventured into the Jeub home for nearly two weeks of filming, they were forced to explain why they chose to have so many children, how they manage our household, and what they do that seems to create so much love in the house. TLC captured over 50 hours of footage but cut it down to a mere 44 minutes. Needless to say, most of what the Jeubs shared ended up on the editing floor. Numerous questions for their family hung in the air after the debut of the “Kids by the Dozen” episode:

How do they keep their grocery bill below $600/month?
What other creative ideas besides the Birthday Bash do they do?
What ever became of their estranged relationship with their oldest daughter?
Wendy looks like she’s a teenager. What keeps her looking so good after 13 (in 2007) kids?
Their lifestyle scares the daylights out of me. Why not them?

Families of all sizes will appreciate the Jeubs’ creative solutions to raising children and managing a home. More importantly, Chris and Wendy honestly tell their life story—trials and blessings alike—that will inspire its readers to a renewed vision for family life.

Intimacy with God by Segun Olumide . Free on 7/01/13
Do you desire to be closer to God? Do you want to pray and study God’s word more effectively?
Do you want to pick his voice as regards where to live, which work to do, whom to marry, which business to invest in and how to obey him on a daily basis?
Do you desire to be strong on the inside of you? Do you really want to stop pretending to be victorious over sin and start enjoying true victory over sin? Do you truly want to break totally free from bad or evil habits?
Then this is the book you have been waiting for. It’s beyond theories. It’s all about practical responsible Christianity.

Free Christian Nonfiction eBooks 6/29/13

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When God Whispers Loudly by Chris M. Hibbard. Free on 6/29/13
From the Back Cover
A Life of Power [headline]

Have you ever met someone who stands out from the crowd?

They’re strong, confident, and full of peace. Even thought they face the same stresses and difficulties as others, they have a joy that others don’t have. They’ve found peace in a chaotic, violent, and stressed world. No matter what the opposition, they seem to pull through with power. What’s their secret?

D. L. Moody will show you how to find the power of the Holy Spirit. God wants you to

* Receive spiritual guidance
* Obtain freedom from discouragement
* Live in the perfect peace of Christ
* Have perpetual joy
* Win others to Christ

When you have the Holy Spirit to guide you, you can live a truly effective life that will touch and inspire those around you.
About the Author
DWIGHT L. MOODY (1837-1899) was a highly acclaimed late 19th century evangelist. He founded the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago in 1886 and the Bible Institute Colportage Association, now Moody Publishers, in 1894. From training women, to reaching out to lost children, to bridging the gap between denominations, D.L. Moody was unlike any other. He is author of a number of books including Christ in You, Heaven, Men God Challenged, and Spiritual Power. His life is also chronicled in A Passion for Souls: The Life of D.L. Moody by Lyle Dorsett. He and his wife, Emma, had two children.

Bigger than Impossible by Lydia Chorpening. Free on 6/29/13
Impossibility is not a period at the end of faith’s sentence. Faith, in the life of the believer, is meant to be tested. Without adversities faith will never become strong and overcoming.

God has not planned crises, pain and disaster to enter our lives as a dead-end to faith’s venture. Many situations vaunt themselves as “impossible”, but when they are stripped from their “I” and “M” and become dependent on God, they become “God-possible”.

In this book:
• Live life victoriously as you learn to rely on God.
• Learn how to overcome all life’s obstacles.
• Watch depression and anxiety disappear.
• Understand why God is allowing you to experience mountains.

Each chapter of Bigger Than Impossible highlights a specific area of Lydia Chorpening’s difficult past, and contrasts it with Scriptures which make God bigger than the seemingly impossible. By utilizing the complete assurance of these Biblical concepts you will develop your trust in the God who is bigger than impossible.

About Lydia Chorpening
I was born in Iowa and raised in a strict Amish home and as Joseph, have seen my purpose in life fulfilled in most unexpected ways. From my humble beginnings, as Joseph, I saw my dreams ultimately fulfilled in my ‘Egypt.’ My husband and I were missionaries to the Philippines for eight years, and as Joseph, we were no saints at the beginning of our journey; needing to allow God to mold us into His perfect will. We traveled to remote areas, crossed turbulent oceans and trudged dangerous territories, learning to trust God as we went.

This ebook is offered free of charge on your Kindle, Nook, and Ipad. Enjoy this free Christian Ebook, and share the good news with anyone willing to listen!

The 7 Most Powerful Prayers That Will Change Your Life Forever by Adam Houge. Free on 6/29/13
In so many ways God is always reaching for us. Through circumstances in life, through hardships and through joys. God is an intimate and loving Person, Who is always looking for a way to draw nearer to us.

But if we don’t reach back, we will never experience the depths of a fulfilling relationship with Him. Nothing in Heaven or on Earth can change our lives for the better, greater than a personal relationship with God.

In this book you will discover the 7 greatest prayers that will grow your relationship with the Lord. Being both a study and a prayer devotional “The 7 Most Powerful Prayers That Will Change Your Life Forever” will teach you the seven most important keys to a life changing, heartfelt relationship with God.

Free Christian Nonfiction eBooks 6/25/13

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The J-Dog Journey: Where is Life? by Kent Hunter. Free on 6/25/13
This new book from Kent R. Hunter shares the story of one young man’s journey to find his calling, passion, and direction in life. This story will inspire you to discover God’s plan and path for your life. Wherever it might take you!
The Miracle Landing: and Other Supernatural Encounters by Larry Welch. Free on 6/25/13
Ready, Set, Take Off!

Make sure your tray table is secure and your seat is in its upright position as you get ready to encounter God’s supernatural power!

Written by a professional pilot and airline captain, The Miracle Landing launches you into a fascinating spiritual realm that many have yet to experience. You will read about amazing, miraculous, out-of-this-world, true-life incidents—that are absolutely God.

Filled with suspense, twists and turns, and fast-paced supernatural action, you will find it hard to stop reading because the book shares astonishing insights into the divine, leaving you inspired, encouraged, hopeful, and blessed.

The Miracle Landing reveals how you can discover and encounter God, and position yourself to receive the miraculous from the miracle-working God of the Universe.

You will be captivated by the modern-day, high-flying stories that bring the Scriptures to life within you—taking your spirit to heights beyond your most vivid imagination directly into God’s love.

Help From Above Applying 12 Biblical Principles to your Job Search by Yetunde Oke. Free on 6/25/13
My new book, Help From Above Applying 12 Biblical Principles to your Job Search, is a Christian book that offers faith based solutions to unemployment and underemployment.

A global economy presents unique challenges for today’s job seeker or career-changer. In Help From Above, you will see how the Holy Bible (the best-selling book of all time) is relevant to your employment situation.

Free Christian Nonfiction eBooks 6/24/13

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Discoveries of Grace by Dr Ralph Mickley. Free on 6/24/13
The Biblical definition of “grace” simply means that God does something for me that I cannot do for myself. This action is called “grace” and is given in spite of the fact that I do not deserve it. It is a gift—a gift of grace. It is a God thing that is done for me simply out of the kindness of the heart of God. Grace is one way God expresses His love to us—undeserving, unmerited, just simply because.

Grace to You and Peace …
“God is good, all the time, and all the time, God is good!” The church I pastor makes this declaration every week. This saying has been very popular for over a decade now.

Yet, when life takes a down-turn people begin to question the Goodness of God. Why is that? Either God is good all the time or He isn’t.
When things are going well it’s easy to say, God is good. However, when life takes a down-turn and everything that can go wrong seems to go wrong, it’s not so easy to say God is good.
I want to talk to those of you who are trying hard to believe “God is good all the time…” when you hear so many voices telling you to stop believing.
I’ve been a minister for nearly 40 years. For the past 35 years I have been the pastor of one church. It has always been a small, struggling church. Yet God has done some wonderful things in the lives of people. During these years I have suffered a number of strokes and have had several heart attacks. In the natural it seems like more has gone wrong than has gone right.
As I look back over the years it looks to me like too many people I’ve cared about have hurt too much to let believing come easy. I’ve watched people suffer with cancer and their life ended too soon; marriages have turned into battlefields and many of their children have endured hard times that children shouldn’t have to endure. We’ve seen God do some wonderful things but often it seems like the miracles are few and far between.

This book will help us understand why we sometimes do not understand the ways of God.

Dr. Ralph Mickley is the senior pastor of Hilltop Christian Fellowship in La Mirada. Visit him and his church on Facebook.

The Everlasting Righteousness by Horatius Bonar. Free on 6/24/13
Another quality eBook from Chapel Library, by Horatius Bonar (1808-1889). The Everlasting Righteousness gets right to the heart of the gospel of Jesus Christ. How can sinful people be right before a holy God? God’s inflexible justice demands a perfect righteousness in His creatures; only the everlasting righteousness of the Son of God will suffice! His is sufficient because it is that of God Himself. When a sinner believes on Christ the Savior, his record of sins is erased on the basis of the substitutionary work of Christ on the cross, and Christ’s righteousness is freely reckoned to his account. This priceless gift is granted freely to the one who places his faith in the Person of Christ, not in his own merits, graces, or even faith itself. The sufficient righteousness of Chirst is the safe ground of peace and joy for the believer, as he looks not at anything in himself but the all-sufficient Lamb of God!
Live in the Joy of the Lord by Pastor Dennis Williams. Free on 6/24/13
People today are seeking many sources of Joy and Happiness. Some of these sources may appear to bring satisfaction temporarily. Lasting joy exists when everything around us is not so joyful. Lasting joy is that joy that is deep inside the person. The Joy of the Lord that is present when things are not so joyful.

Free Christian Nonfiction eBooks 6/22/13

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Fruit at Work by Chris Evans. Free on 6/22/13
Do you feel as though you have to choose between growing spiritually and growing professionally? Does it seem like the pursuit of profit conflicts with honoring God’s principles? Does your work environment undermine your faith and core values?

Join successful entrepreneur Chris Evans as he explores how to develop the fruit described in the Bible and uncovers a natural and sustainable way to grow and demonstrate your faith at work. Written in a clear, easy-to-read style, Fruit at Work gives the specific meaning of each word, provides biblical examples, and shares workplace stories where the fruit of the Spirit is having a dynamic impact.

Fruit at Work is for people at any level of employment who seek a spiritual life that resonates not only in their personal lives, but also in their work. Evans provides guidance for tough situations such as managerial decisions, the need for approval, patience with coworkers, job loss, distraction, team dynamics, and job satisfaction. Here is a new vision for work relationships—one based in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

When spiritual fruit is growing in you, your clients and coworkers will notice. As the Holy Spirit transforms you, you’ll discover a closer walk with God and a transformed workplace.

Principles for the Gathering of Believers Under the Headship of Jesus Christ by Gospel Fellowships. Free on 6/22/13
The Scriptures declare that the Gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. This preaching and spreading of the Gospel will be done not by the ingenuity of men, but by the working of the Spirit of God. Do you want to be involved with God’s work at the end of the age? God uses the simple to confound the wise. His ways are not our ways. We need revival in our countries like what we see in the underground house Churches in China. May God teach, gather, and raise a remnant for His glory.
Learn the following from this volume:
-Prepare for coming persecution in non-persecuted countries.
-Learn Principles of how to gather as the Church from the Book of Acts and current underground Churches.
-Access resources that will help your gathering or house Church meeting.
-Experience personal revival and the Spirit’s empowerment.
From the Foreword:
The time is now. Count the cost. You will be persecuted, tested, and tried. You will be misunderstood, hated by the world, and sometimes hated even by the members of your own household. There will be tears, heartache, tribulation, suffering and pain. But, you will be living for the One who is worthy of all, and whose eternal kingdom cannot be shaken nor ever fade away. You will have the privilege of serving the King of kings and the Lord of all lords. Moreover, you will one day have the awesome indescribable experience of seeing His glorious face and hearing Him call you by name as His own. – brother Brian
The 12 Gemstones of Revelation: Unlocking the Significance of the Gemstone Phenomenon by Mark Trask. Free on 6/22/13
Just as all of creation speaks of our Creator, the study of Revelation s gemstone wall can reveal important truths needed for our journey towards spiritual maturity in the kingdom of God. Each of the twelve stones represent twelve very distinct areas of focus of which God may be addressing in our lives as we move closer to fulfilling His dreams for each of us. With reports of heavenly gemstones appearing in regions all over the world, the book, The 12 Gemstones of Revelation helps us discover what message these stones might be bringing to this generation, to this world, and most importantly, to our hearts.

Free Christian Nonfiction eBooks 6/16/13

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Authentic Christian Life Study by Katherine Thompson. Free on 6/16/13
The 21 week (1 a week) study on living the authentic Christian life.
Walk through what the fake areas v the authentic areas of our lives are.

Notes followed by a Thoughts / question time … Prayer time and a suggestion for the week,

Would work in groups or simply on your own. For young and old alike.

Hope – Four Week Mini Bible Study by Heather Bixler. Free on 6/16/13
“Then I think about my own little desires. The desire that my husband would be completely healed from his disease, and how he is still suffering through this every day. It is all hurting my heart, and then I think about hope…”

Take this four week journey to challenge and renew your thoughts on hope.

Paul the Disciple by Nathan M. Hausman. Free on 6/16/13
Are you a Bible reader? Have you ever wondered about the Apostle Paul’s “thorn in the flesh, messenger of Satan?” If so, then you are going to like this book. For as long as I have been reading the Bible as a part of my daily discipline, I have been perplexed by Paul’s statements in 2 Corinthians 12:5-10, a passage commonly referred to as his “thorn in the flesh.” What was it? How did he get it? Who sent it to him and why? What was it doing to him that he would describe as “torment?”

It was in April of 2011 that I set out to find the answers. After two years of research, journaling, editing, reading, contemplation, and prayer, I have completed my quest and published my findings for your reading pleasure.

I have to believe that there are other Christians out there that would want to know the truth about Paul’s thorn. Think about this: There is only one time in New Testament Scripture when Jesus said ‘no’ to an earnest request; am I the only one that finds that odd? In His days spent here on earth, Jesus gave sight to the blind, healed multitudes of people, raised the dead to life, and delivered many from demon possession; why say no to the Apostle Paul?

What I can tell you upfront is that I ventured out to find a few simple answers for my own personal satisfaction, but what I found in the process was something that I am compelled to share with you.

This book, brothers and sisters, is my offering to you. Please do enjoy!

Free Christian Nonfiction eBooks 6/14/13

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Hope Being Gone by Cherie Hill. Free on 6/14/13
You thought you had hope, until tragedy took over. You thought life was in control, until it erupted into chaos. You assumed you were strong, until you were suddenly brought to your knees. You thought you walked by faith, until you found yourself consumed in the darkness of despair. Hope is gone. You’re facing circumstances in life that seem insurmountable, even for God.

We quickly realize that our problem isn’t that we haven’t trusted God, but that we trusted God and believed He’d come through . . . and He didn’t. He could have prevented our pain and suffering, but He chose not to. We cry out, but there is no answer and our faith takes a tragic turn.

But God’s silence is not His solution and His absence is not His answer. His goals are eternal, not earthly. You want a way out . . . He’s making a way through. You crave comfort . . . and He brings you to the Cross. It is there that we realize: we can’t deliver ourselves from a crisis that God himself has orchestrated.

God is taking you on a journey of faith, and hope is just a step away . . . but a step in the right direction takes you right through the valley. And it is there, where all hope seems gone that God takes your faith places you never knew it could go. He’s teaching you to trust Him through your doubt and in your fears. He’s growing your faith and showing you that you can trust Him . . . even when there is no evidence that you should.

Freedom Beyond Comprehension by Joan Hunter. Free on 6/14/13
Trauma goes deeper than the mind. It infiltrates the body at the cellular level, and only a deliverance that deals with the whole man;soul, spirit, and body;will treat the trauma and set you free-completely free. Christian author and healing expert Joan Hunter demonstrates how to find true freedom.
God is Love by Deborah H. Bateman. Free on 6/14/13
God is Love is a Daily-Bible-Reading Study by Deborah H. Bateman. It contains 19 daily devotionals on Scriptures about love from the Bible: including God’s love for us, the love relationship between a husband and wife, love and honoring our parents, and much more.

This devotional would be good for personal daily devotions or group Bible studies, including small groups, and Sunday school classes. Each devotional contains a brief commentary by the author, the daily Bible Scripture, a prayer of the day, and several questions for personal reflection or group discussion.

In God is Love, Deborah strives to show you not only what love is, but that love comes from God, as well as the love of God surpasses all imagination.

Free Christian Nonfiction eBooks 6/10/13

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Sincerely, Jesus by Edward Goble. Free on 6/10/13
Can you imagine thumbing through your daily mail and finding a letter from Jesus Christ? Not a prank, not a hoax, but the genuine article – a letter from heaven, from the risen Lord, written personally to you and your church. If hearing from God sounds intriguing, then this little book is for you. Several decades after His death, burial, resurrection and ascension, Jesus revealed Himself, in a vision from heaven, to the apostle John. Jesus directed John to write as He dictated seven letters to seven communities of faith scattered around Asia Minor. These personal notes are found in Revelation chapters two and three. In Sincerely, Jesus we will look at the amazing relevance each letter holds for life in the twenty-first century. All Jesus asks of us is to read with a listening heart and a willingness to make the adjustments, both in our personal lives, and in our churches, that the Holy Spirit prescribes.
Break Free by E’yen Gardner. Free on 6/10/13
My friend, there is a leader inside of you. It’s what God has created you to be!
However, many fears, giants, mountains, and armies have hindered you from
possessing all you know that God has for you. I’m sure there are times when you
can see the land that God has promised you, but can’t see how to get past the
obstacles that lie ahead. Nevertheless, will you settle for mediocrity? Will you live
bound by fears and doubts, or will you choose to confront them and possess what
was promised to you?

It’s time to Break Free!
We have stayed in the Wilderness long enough, and it’s time to know God on the
other side of the Jordan.

Filled to Overflowing by Joey Berrio. Free on 6/10/13
We are experiencing a crisis in our daily lives. Christians are struggling with sin, temptation, addiction, depression, and marriage conflict. Churches are struggling to draw attendees to their churches. We need power. We need strength. We need the help of the Holy Spirit to overcome the crisis we are now facing.

Free Christian Nonfiction eBooks 6/6/13

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31 Keys to Possessing Your Promise by Rodney Burton. Free on 6/6/13
God had given a promise to Abraham that his descendants would possess a vast land (see Genesis 12). As time passed, it began to seem less possible for the descendants of Abraham to receive their promised inheritance. They spent years in slavery in Egypt until God raised up Moses as a deliverer. As they journeyed from their place of bondage to their land of inheritance, it was necessary for them to defeat the armies that inhabited the land they had been promised to be given as their possession.

In Joshua we read that the children of Israel defeated thirty-one kings and in order to inherit their promise. From the names of those cities we will consider our own keys to inheriting God’s promise. From the definition of these cities we will draw out a thirty-one key devotional journey to our inheritance. Some of the keys will involve what we must overcome or gain victory over; other keys will be principles or characteristics that are important for us to embrace. Together we can discover and use the keys, enabling us to possess our promised inheritance.

Arresting Grace by Michael Joel Green. Free on 6/6/13
Author’s Note: This abridged version of ARRESTING GRACE is leaner, stronger and more focused. I hope you enjoy.

Michael Green expected many things from his 38th year: to redeem a failed acting/music/writing career, to build upon friendships and church relationships, and most of all, to finally meet someone. He’d been looking—and waiting—a long time.

What he didn’t expect was to get arrested for a DUI, driving home from a church dinner. That changed everything.

It was a shame, too. Two weeks earlier, he had met someone.

ARRESTING GRACE is the story of Michael Green’s DUI arrest, as well as his long distance relationship with Jessie, a lovely woman from the Bay Area. Thoughtfully written and raw, with unflinching honesty, Arresting Grace recalls such works as Donald Miller’s BLUE LIKE JAZZ and Anne LaMott’s GRACE (EVENTUALLY). A man searches for answers most earnestly when he’s brought low. This is the story of a man, fallen lower than imaginable, searching for God in the midst…and finding grace in the most unexpected places.

Rise and Shine by Alvin Dawkins. Free on 6/6/13
RISE & Shine to realize inspired success everyday! These 31 simple strategies can be applied easily into your life so that you can develop a positive mindset to support you in your endeavors towards success. This book is an easy read that can be completed in a short period of time, and then used as a daily devotional to reinforce a magnificent mindset. It was originally designed as a companion to the book, RISE to Greatness, yet it can be used as a stand-alone tool.

Alvin invites you to read a chapter each day as he believes it will help you to establish principles of success in your mind. The objective is to transform your thoughts and reinforce success thinking, and develop a character that will lead you to Realize Inspired Success Everyday!