God’s Gift of Writing through Divine Intervention

God’s Gift of Writing through Divine Intervention – Can You Humbly Accept this Gift?

Talking with my dad a few months back over our *gulp* last pre-lent dinner, I was explaining to him that at times I do not even realize what I am writing until it is finished. God's Gift of WritingMost of the time, I do not even know what it is I am going to say other than the topic’s header. Somehow I get away with posting a week or two in advance a very narrow topic that will be “upcoming,” and it works out that I can get the point across. The question is, where does this come from, and is it a bit self-centered for one to try and say he or she feels God is speaking, using you as a conduit? Is this where the gift of writing comes from?

There are many books, particularly in the Orthodox archives of the Ancient Fathers, that stress to remain humble, and that by acquiring virtue one must affirm that they are helpless, hopeless, and unable to do anything good at all. But the catch is this: it is also stated that any good done must be attributed to the grace of God, and that all you have done is to have opened your heart and accepted the gift.

Gift of WritingI am certainly not trying to say that my writing is any different than any other blogger in terms of the message, or that I am chosen by God. But it has been often asked how it is that I can write a novel in 5 months or finish a blog post in a half hour session without any prior drafts. And I can say that, humbly, I have no special skill with this and I give God all of the credit for my gift of writing. I thank him for using me to spread the Gospel and give hope to any who will hear it, and if even I would reach one person, then my mission would be complete.

It is said that 70% of the time you should be listening, and 30% talking. Well, with writing, I don’t have to worry about talking, so that gives me plenty of time to listen. But seriously, I spend a lot of time thinking – and by that I am listening to God. By thinking of the great mysteries, emptying out my heart of temptation… allowing His message to permeate in my heart: this is how I am listening. I might be driving, or a passenger, or at work doing a mundane task. Or I read something, I hear something, and I allow the only perspective I care to write about to take shape. And so I write about Living in the World, not of the World. And my writing is therefore the 30% of the listen-talk ratio. I am speaking to my audience for about a third of the time in which I listened to God. And so God’s gift of writing takes shape in a way that one can understand.

Gift of WritingWhen you allow the hope brought to you by the Holy Spirit to wrap itself around your very being, anything is possible. This is not some illusion, or delusion for that matter. With our faith we know that we each have a very personal relationship with Christ and therefore in Christ we are related to one another. And my conduit for sharing his message is through this blog, and I aim to relate to you and join you in your journey toward the future Day of Resurrection.

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas


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