How to Become a Christian Author with Humility

How to Become a Christian Author with Humility

Step #1: Listening

During the summer of 2011, the same thought crossed my mind: how to become a Christian Author? Only, it was a rhetorical question at the time. But I could not get away from all of the ideas running through my mind: ideas about epic tales where I How to Become a Christian Authorcould not only live them out on paper, but share the Christian message. This crazy thought kept running through my mind that it was possible to write a book, find a literary agent and get published. But that’s not exactly what happened.

I am sure many of you who are aspiring can relate to this at some point in your life. You genuinely want to write about something you are passionate about, that at the same time has everything to do with life and our Creator. That is surely a noble cause; however with that there was probably something holding you back. For me, self-doubt probably had been my largest barrier throughout my life. So, I suppressed the thought about writing and continued my routine of working Monday through Friday and realizing that week after week was passing by – without any accomplishment that I felt good about. I could not let this go, and every time I thought about this, I was led back to writing and spreading the Gospel. “What is this life all about’” I would question myself, “and what am I doing to share love and hope with others?”

My father (who my book is dedicated to) would always tell me that everyone contributes to the Lord’s plan in their own way, and subsequently are spreading love and hope. For example, my being a nurse significantly impacted the lives of others through compassion. I think that I had held on for so long to my full time job because of this standpoint. While very true, it did not make sense why I had this strong feeling that I had to do more.

How to Become a Christian AuthorPerhaps I was being selfish to think that I could be so much more. Was it the devil working within my subconscious, where I was really seeking out riches and fame? Or maybe that was the self-doubt and another excuse to not follow where I thought God was leading me – which would be another way evil could be working. Well, at the time I assumed it was the former, and dealt with the strong emotions surrounding what I thought I should be doing. And perhaps it was in humility that something happened to me.

As stated in my about&mission section, I was suddenly met by warmth and love. I remember lying on the couch reading The Mountain of Silence, and while reading about a part of the How to Become a Christian Authorauthor’s journey I became overwhelmed with tears. Greeted by what I could recognize as the Holy Spirit, I felt unconditional love for everyone and everything around me. It was as if I was living vicariously through the experiences I was reading and I wanted to so badly share the message of Christ in my own way. Everything else at that point did not matter, except for the situation where God was speaking to me and I was now listening. I could see “the invisible in the visible” and I didn’t know how to handle it. No one is prepared for that.

That weekend at Church, I felt more tears and joy. The image of God within my friends, family and the icons jumped out at me. The chanting of the choir seemed more beautiful Timothy - The Prophecy of the Sacred Crossthan ever. And the story of Timothy began to develop. Many who know my Christian name, and who have read my novel, ask me if there was any of me in that character. I would assume most authors have pieces of them in their writing. How could they not? Let’s just say that my whole life opened up to me in a new light, and each and everything I did in the name of God from that point on led me to a novel written in just over 5 months. Step #1 was to listen, and the journey had begun. The answer to How to become a Christian Author was taking shape.

To be continued….

Love In Christ,
Peter Silas

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