Palm Sunday Feast Day: If even for the Bough of a Willow

Palm Sunday: The Feast Continues , if Even for the Bough of a Willow

Lazarus Saturday & Palm Sunday Feast Day Blog

Mark 11:9-10 “Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest!”

Palm Sunday Feast DayToday is Lazarus Saturday. And tomorrow, on Sunday the 28th, we celebrate the Palm Sunday Feast Day: the entry of our Lord into Jerusalem. Glory to Jesus Christ! The consequence that I spoke of in my announcement of this upcoming blog post, as I typically post for feast days on a Saturday morning, is that this Saturday morning happens to be Lazarus Saturday which is tied in many ways to Palm Sunday. One way in which this is tied is the scenario which had taken place shortly before His Crucifixion: He rose a man from the dead and the next day a celebration occurred. Then, soon after, He died and repeated the cycle: He is Risen and now we celebrate. It is not only symbolic, but rather something we can live in with a remembrance for the greatest of Great feasts which will happen on Pascha (this year being the 5th of May).

And this is something that we can all share together. Whether we have access to a palm, or whether we only could find a bough of a willow tree, it is a day for all of us as the promise will be one day realized by us as well. Our death is, like Christ, only of the body and from the earth. But this does not matter, because, like Lazarus, our body together with our soul will be undefiled as a god with God. Made in His image, in due time we shall be living in His likeness along with the saints. Surely death has been destroyed by death and the joy of His Resurrection is ours to celebrate.

In addition to learning of how the raising of Lazarus and celebration of Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem has a consubstantial relationship with us, we learn again of the teachings of Christ and how many live from a worldly perspective. Actually, these two points go hand in hand. The crowd of Palm Sunday saw Jesus as largely becoming a figure who would lead a religious resistance to the political powers of that time – or at least they were hoping this was the case. They saw an opportunity where one who could raise the dead could also defeat the greatest of strengths known. Fortune could be theirs to finally have. But they were clearly mistaken, and He would soon be turned against. We see the teachings of Christ in that He had something greater in store: a kingdom beyond the earth that would be ours to have, and through His humility, death and resurrection our feeble minds now see how we erred in focusing on trivial desires and worldly riches.

On Sunday, to the best of our ability, we can know that His promise will lead us to live like a king in heaven with our one and only King.The mood will soon become solemnPalm Sunday Feast Day, however, for this celebration is only on Sunday; it is brief as the celebration surrounding Christ’s ride into Jerusalem on a colt was also short. Holy week will then be upon us and, as that too will be pass by, the final celebration on Pascha (Easter) will signal an eternity with Him and with each other in Christ. And our singing during liturgy of “Hosanna in the highest” shall have truly come to fruition.

Palm Sunday Feast DayAnd finally, remember the naive children, who through we also may draw a parallel: as they can’t describe their faith from a young age but instead revert to trust, neither can we describe this wondrous happening in earthly terms, and so let that represent a time of trusting where we will like Him also have a resurrection. May you enjoy your Palm Sunday Feast Day!

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas

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