At This Mountain Long Enough Review

Review of At This Mountain Long Enough

A Review on a Christian eBook that Brings a New Light

5 out of 5 crosses
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At This Mountain Long Enough is an inspiring Christian eBook that, although geared toward women who are looking for a resource for realizing their true beauty through the image of God, also resonated with me. For those of you familiar with the Prologue from Ochrid, At This Mountain Long Enough would be a clear example of a modern-era collection of faith based writings that combines real life stories, scripture and interpretation that is sure to revive your perspective on who you are in relation to our Lord. Not only did the extensive originality bring me peaceful hope for difficult times, but this devotional guide also revealed to me the many struggles women live through and the pressures they face, which make difficult an openness to the Lord’s grace. But this is no more: with her unique writing format, Heather Barker buries the ways of complacency and sorrow that a woman must entertain on a daily basis using humor, insight and real experience.

Approximately 73 pages in print length, the end comes rather too soon; each excerpt shares with a reader a rich perspective that flows in an easy to read compilation and, before you know it, you’ve completed this work after being transported there and back again from a harmonious utopia. I recommend this eBook to not only all women, but also to those who are looking to understand a bit more about how the visible world can stand in the way of attaining union through the invisible. My blog is founded on principles of connecting to the invisible through the visible, and so I was truly excited to read a whole new take on real barriers that affect a path in Christ. Make sure to at the very least check out the example pages of At This Mountain Long Enough by clicking on the image above!

5/5 crosses!

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas