Free Christian Nonfiction eBooks 6-2-15

Free Christian Nonfiction eBooks 6-2-15

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Dare to Resonate: Break Free of Self-Doubt and Unleash Your True Worth as a Musician by Krista Brubaker. Free on 6-2-15
Have you ever felt inadequate? Have you ever second-guessed whether your talent and art are really worth anything? What happens when self-doubt and false beliefs latch on to our art?

The stumbling blocks to a musician’s pursuit are numerous: fear of failing to perform well, accusations of inadequacy, risk of being vulnerable, and harsh criticism are among them. It is so easy to begin to view our personal worth through the lens of how our music compares to others and how much other people like hearing what we have to offer. “Musician” can be an appealing identity to wrap ourselves in, but basing our self worth on our ability to create and perform can turn into the biggest stumbling block of them all.

The pursuit of creating art in any form will be faced with resistance. The stories throughout this book will show you why it’s important to break through that resistance and find what awaits on the other side. The fight to overcome fear and doubt is worth it when you discover you’re capable of more than you ever thought possible.

Knowing that it’s important to pursue your passion is often not the issue – it’s believing it, and acting on that belief.

Creating art and music is often part of the search for significance we all face. This book will reveal how true significance and worth can be found when we connect. It’s not based on a perfect method. It’s based on a relationship with a perfect God. Learning to let Him create through you will foster a beautiful combination of fulfillment, joy, and bulletproof self worth. God doesn’t require you to meet certain standards in order to have a relationship with Him. He wants you to bring your imperfections and fears, and let Him exchange them for the significance that will allow your art to have a greater impact than you ever imagined.

Do you long to connect with others and with God in a way that resonates through their hearts and yours? We are not meant for a life full of numbness, doubt, or fear. The creative expressions within you are an important part of sharing in the abundant life that God desires for us, and they deserve your best effort to bring them to life. Creating these resonant connections will not always be easy. It will require courage. It will require vulnerability. It will require everything you are.

It will be worth it.

Do you dare to resonate, friend?