Bargain Christian Nonfiction eBooks 4-3-16

Bargain Christian Nonfiction eBooks 4-3-16

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When Your Dream Becomes a Nightmare: Overcoming painful situations by Mkambanizithe Daka. $1.49 on 4-3-16
Many people have had their dreams shattered because of some unexpected
events in their lives. In this book you will find simple yet anointed
Bible principles that turn your nightmare into a beautiful dream. You
will see how the word of God can trouble into miracle.

We are living in a generation where many people have had their dreams shattered because of some painful experiences in their lives. These painful situations that have crippled people’s dreams ranges from personal mistakes and failures to betrayals, loss of loved ones and so many other things.
In this book, I explain the fact that they is no situation that God cannot handle. Through the word of God, any bad situation can be turned into a beautiful situation. You will learn how to confront any situation using the word of God. I explain the fact that God’s word is the greatest gift that anyone can receive from God. The miracle you need is in the word.

Destined for Greatness by Mkambanizithe Daka. $1.49 on 4-3-16
I grew up not knowing my mother or father, I thought my grand-parents were my parents but later I discovered that they were not. I discovered that the person I thought was my elder sister was actually my mother, I had many questions as a young person, I wondered why I was born in such a family, could anything good come out of my life? You maybe wondering whether you will make it in life, you wonder whether God cares about you to change your story.
You are destined for greatness, God does not consult your past to determine your future, if I can be where I am today, then know that anyone can come into their great destiny. Remember God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called. It will be fine with you, God will finish what He has started in you. Phil 1:6
This book will show you how to come from a place of pain to move into a place of greatness. This book will Inspire you to never give up regardless of your situation because your story is not over till you win, where you are today does not define who you are, you are destined for greatness.

Many people are hurting because of the pain of rejection by people
they respected, many people have been driven out of their comfort zone
by situations that are beyond their control.
In this I share from Judges 11 and my personal experience, I desire to
let every person know that regardless of what they have gone through,
God have a great destiny for them. As you put your trust in God, He
will transform your life and cause to be a blessing.