Bargain Christian Nonfiction eBooks 1-13-16

Bargain Christian Nonfiction eBooks 1-13-16

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The gift: twelve days of Christmas by lind grant-oyeye. $3.99 on 1-13-16
A short collection of Christmas inspired poetry with accompanying
inspirational notes, suitable for personal use or gift. Each poem is accompanied by inspirational notes which could also form part of devotional material.
The Seasons of Words by Katie Donovan. $2.99 on 1-13-16
Poetry. Words give our lives shape. In Katie Donovan’s first book of poetry The Seasons of Words images are woven together to create meaning and perspective from our daily experiences. In this four part collection of poems each part has a theme related to a season. Topics range from love, loss, uncertainty, self-discovery, and natural beauty. Reading her poetry is like putting words to feelings you cannot express and you feel like someone truly understands you: “Silver linings are pinned to the ground / And dreams drift like smoke.” Full of emotion and lyrical beauty, the poems will speak to the reader. Take a journey of images and experience a new way of piecing together the puzzle of our world. So no matter what stage of life you’re in, read Seasons of Words and realize you’re not alone.
Manifest Destiny: The Path Towards Wisdom by Jamere Brown Spencer. $2.99 on 1-13-16
This is not a churchy book. It’s different, unusual, and unexpected.
This book is full of compassion, revelation, and wisdom. However, it
all points to the Love and Purpose God has for all creation.
Learn to perceive beyond what is seen. And much more.
Prayer: 10 Powerful Daily Morning Prayers Every Christian Woman Should Know by Joyce Mayne. $2.99 on 1-13-16
Experience God’s peace, protection and guidance before each day

This book will show you 10 powerful daily morning prayers that will
help you alleviate stress, gain victory in your spiritual warfare
against the enemy and rest in God’s peace.

Faith-based Travels: A Devotional Guidebook for the Faith-filled Traveller by Nicki Jeffery. $2.99 on 1-13-16
Will you be graduating high school or university in 2016? Both
practical and spiritual “Faith-based Travels: A Devotional Guidebook
for the Faith-filled Traveller”, is a must for all jetsetters, gap
year students and graduates.

What kind of traveller are you?

In search of adventure, seeking new experiences, hoping to improve a
language, aspiring to work and holiday, a missionary or vagrant

No matter what your flavour, Faith-based Travels is a spiritual tool
for experiencing the world as a Christian traveller. This devotional
delves into the realities of living out of a suitcase, from backpacker
hostels to home stays.

The author, a traveller herself, will take you on a journey from
planning a trip overseas, to living it out, returning home and
reconnecting in the community. Each devotion concludes with
thought-provoking questions and a prayer. Devotions are arranged
topically, with travel tips from a multitude of travellers following
each section. Praise power, evangelism, accountability … plus
specialised devotions for six different kinds of traveller.

Future travellers will be encouraged to dream up his/her own
adventure, with God’s guidance. Current travellers will be challenged
to examine their walk with Christ, their witness and their purpose.
Young Christian travellers will be on their way to evangelising the
nations when they take faith-based travels with Jesus!

How Good Can It Get by Joshua Stannard. $4.97 on 1-13-16
How Good Can It Get is the beginning of the best, the gateway to more.
A challenge to think further, deeper, larger. Could it be that the God
of the universe really has good plans for you and wants to see you
thrive in every area of life? What if all it took was believing it?
The best truly is yet to come, and it can start today.