Missing Texts and Corruption in the FBI

A Brand New Textgate

New reports are coming out suggesting that more texts exist than originally thought between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. If true, and in addition if the missing texts relate in any way to the “secret society” that was set out to prevent President Trump from being elected, this could prove a new level of corruption within the FBI under the watch of then President Obama.

Finding the truth seems to be a daunting task these days, especially as disturbing news keeps coming out that discredits much about the anti Trump movement, but for some reason most of the suspicious revelations against the left wing have not come to fruition as of yet. Let’s hope that this is not another path to nowhere and stay tuned to the news… (avoid the liberal media that has not covered this yet).

It is thought that Inspector General Michael Horowitz is already looking into the “textgate” allegations and perhaps already grabbed the texts before their mysterious deletion. Lots gets deleted by the left these days!

Peter Silas