Free Christian Nonfiction eBooks 7-3-15

Free Christian Nonfiction eBooks 7-3-15

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Lord Hear My Prayer by Benjamin Reynolds. Free on 7-3-15
HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED why God doesn’t answer every prayer? Did you know God does not even listen to some prayers? When God isn’t listening, IT IS UP TO US TO MAKE HIM LISTEN. People in the Bible used the phrase, “Lord, hear my prayer” because they understood we are our best advocates for getting God to hear our prayers. Lord, Hear My Prayer was written to help readers understand how and why we need to get God’s attention in prayer.

By thoroughly examining Psalm 143, readers will discover prayer is more than talking with God; it is communication with the Creator. If we want to receive answers to prayer, we have to do more than talk to God in prayer, we have to learn how to communicate with the Creator on his terms, not ours. Lord, Hear My Prayer teaches why praise, worship, learning how and when to talk to God, and being “quickened by the Holy Spirit” are so important. Readers will also learn:

• How to get God to LISTEN TO YOUR PRAYER when he is NOT LISTENING
• Understanding how to get God to say YES when he wants to say NO
• The importance of ASKING, SEEKING, and KNOCKING in prayer
• How to ASK for something in prayer
• Why the LORD’S PRAYER is so important (Matthew 6:9-13)

A 7 day Study Guide is included to help reinforce the concepts discussed in this book.