For the Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada

Review of “For the Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada”

A Review on a Christian-based Movie that Offers Something More

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Just out in 2012, For the Greater Glory is based on the Cristeros War in Mexico, which lasted during the final years of the 1920’s. If you were to look up this movie, you might notice that it is usually described in terms of the Mexican countrymen and women who took up arms against a government that was largely “anti-God.” But I think that is more like seeing a glass half empty. I saw this movie instead as a group of people who, passionate for their freedom of religion and love of God through Christ, put faith first in order to protect their churches and ability to freely worship. That makes the glass seem more to be half full in regards to a movie with a good potential to deliver a religious message. And seeing the invisible God within the visible world – where sometimes it seems bereft of Him to the naked eye – is what I am all about. A perfect candidate for me to review.
I recommend this movie for two reasons. First, it portrays how in all of us, no matter how strong our practice of faith is, we cannot suppress the reality God plays in our lives. We can pretend to ignore it, or brush it off for a time, but it always comes back. Specifically, it seems to come back to us during times of need and it would seem naïve to try to ignore how this relates to Christ truly being the central point in our lives; He is the central point in our being and our reason for existing. So, with one of the main characters “Enrique Gorostieta,” a principled general played by Andy Garcia, we see just this very point I am making: he calls himself an Atheist and credits his helping of the suppressed Roman Catholics to be related to the money offered to take care of his family. But it seems that in the movie God had a different plan in store for this man. At least, I would want to believe that.

Secondly, this movie reminded me that as Christians we are always fighting persecution. And although we tend to be passive as the footsteps of Christ would have us be, there are certainly times where standing up for what we believe in is necessary for the greater good of those we love. War, of course, is a hard justification indeed, but it was a perfect metaphor for the tough decisions that sometimes must be made. But with God, even a boy, Jose, played by actor Mauricio Kuri, found a way to not deny God at an early age. It would be a cost, however the most touching part for me were those like him who would eventually become canonized as saints.

I feel that any Christian could get what I saw out of this movie. I am not Roman Catholic, and it does not matter. We are all one body under Christ and “For Greater Glory” once again helped me to see this.

Oh, and the acting, story line, and general “believability” was great too! 4/5 crosses.

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas