Bargain Christian Fiction eBooks 10-26-15

Bargain Christian Fiction eBooks 10-26-15

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The Heart Is Deceitful above All Things by J.A. Miller. $2.99 on 10-26-15
Ella Davies lives an unhappy life in a small settlement on one of the remotest islands in the world. Haunted by past tragedy and burdened by ongoing struggles, she flees into the forest every day to a secret place that no one else knows about, where she cries out to God for deliverance. And then one gray morning, a storm blows a wayward ship onto the beach. The only surviving crew member, a mysterious young man named Matthew Gethin, claims to be a prophet with healing powers.

As he turns the settlement upside down, Ella desperately hopes that God has at last answered her prayers, but she finds that clearly discerning the will of God is difficult. As conflicts arise, she makes a fateful decision that will change her life forever and reveal, once and for all, what she has truly sought.

The Cub´s Mistress (The Lion of Judah Book 1) by by S. Bohstrom and E. Bohstrom. $2.99 on 10-26-15
Can a Levite priest who has dedicated his life to the service of God resist the consuming flame of passion of the beautiful and married Miriam?

Found on the doorstep of a Levite family as an infant, this is the story of Moses, a man of mysterious origins, engulfed by his inner conflict between humanity and the divine. A fatal encounter with Miriam amid the columns of Solomon´s Temple, lights a fire of passion which completely consumes him and changes the course of his life.