Bargain Christian Fiction eBooks 7-8-15

Bargain Christian Fiction eBooks 7-8-15

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The Day The World Retreated by Jim Armstrong. $0.99 on 7-8-15
What would you do with a second chance?

Have you ever wondered how your life might change if you could go back and make just one decision differently? Take a job. Don’t take a job. Move to a city. Don’t move to a city. Marry another person, or don’t get married at all. Would this decision affect only your life, or could it alter the destiny of others?

The Day The World Retreated peers through the crystal ball of our own possible future and tells the story of an incredible second chance bestowed by almighty God upon a broken and unworthy man.

On the afternoon of December 31, 2020, California is poised to sink into a sea of financial ruin. A joint bailout package sponsored by the United States and Chinese governments falls though, and a tidal wave of chaos is destined to sweep eastward across the US. Secure green zones, established after the civil war threat of 2017, are to be tested to their maximum limit during an evening of unprecedented violence that is punctuated by rumors of war with China.

The coming New Year is viewed by the entire world not as a cause for celebration; it is a marker of yet another season of life without hope, a specter of misery and dread. Yet, the grace of God embraced this very society to be the recipients of a transformation whose culmination is at hand, but whose beginning traces its origin to 1894.

Hope for the world of the future begins in the past with a French doctor who has the unique gift – or perhaps curse – to intermittently live another life in a different time. Is it time travel, teleportation, or simply mental delusion? The doctor does not know and eventually he does not care as the desire for this alternate life becomes overwhelming.

Over the shifting sands of time, this doctor’s experience eventually draws four other people into a grand design that reaches a climax on this fateful New Year’s Eve. The lives of four men and one extraordinary woman are destined to intersect in a sequence of events that answers one simple question.

Will the world get a second chance?