Free Christian Fiction eBooks 7-27-15

Free Christian Fiction eBooks 7-27-15

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The Tears of Nero by Jason Brannon. Free on 7-27-15
From the author of The Maze comes a new novel of spiritual warfare, supernatural mystery, and suspense. You won’t find any zombies in this apocalyptic thriller. What you will find is a fallen death angel that seeks to jumpstart the end of the world, a cult calling themselves The Slaves of Solomon that dates back to the Roman Empire, and a doomsday contagion named Morningstar that threatens the entire planet.

Edward, Henry, Franklin, Sadie, and Kelly are complete strangers. Edward is a preacher. Henry is a retired school teacher. Franklin is a millionaire software developer. Sadie is a student with a photographic memory. Kelly is a carnival psychic who preys on gullibility. On the surface none of them have any connection to each other. Yet they all wake up on an island with no memory of how they arrived there and find their only clue inside a bottle buried in the sand.

It reads:

“Dear lambs. I think God is mad at us. If you don‘t believe it, just look at your own lives for proof. You have all been punished in some way or another. That is why you are valuable to me. You are here to help me understand why bad things happen to good people. You are all part of an experiment in cosmic justice. You are also here to help me come to terms with my own life. You are all good people. As a result, expect bad things to follow.”

The note is signed Nero.

Much to their horror they discover that their captor is modeling himself after the crazed Roman Emperor, and that he has every intention of killing them off one by one if they don’t learn their true purpose for being on the island. To discover what it is Nero wants from them, the group must delve into their memories, evaluate their faith and beliefs, and unearth the event that links them all together.

Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people? Come to the island and find out!

Praise for Jason Brannon’s writing:

“Fans of Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti are sure to find The Tears of Nero to their liking. It’s got everything the discerning reader of Christian fantasy could want: fallen angels, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, plot twists galore, and a doomsday virus named Morningstar! The Tears of Nero is spiritual warfare fiction at its very best!”-Michael Gibson, author of The Resurrectionist

“Jason Brannon shows us a place of reckoning and judgments, of creatures that wait to ensnare us. The Maze is a novel of damnation and deliverance, of corridors fortified with death and spirituality. I found a bit of myself in The Maze.” ~ Steven Lloyd, author of The Wooden Box

“From his style, you’d think Jason Brannon was the dark double of Ray Bradbury. He cares more about character and realism than most writers I’ve read and his plots flow like well-orchestrated music.” ~ Michael Arnzen, International Horror Guild Award winning author of Grave Markings (Dell Abyss)

“Brannon’s work reminds me of the glory days of The Twilight Zone, when it was in black and white and carried bylines like Beaumont and Matheson. Often surreal, sometimes disturbing and sometimes enlightening, there’s real substance in his tales that few of his contemporaries can match.” ~ Mike Oliveri, Bram Stoker Award winning author of “Deadliest of the Species”

“It is a rare treat to find a modern writer whose work is truly a mirror of the darkest corners of the world we all share. Every one of his haunting stories is infused with clear ideas and startling notions submerged in a straightforward and engaging prose. His visions linger with you long after the book has been closed.” ~ Stephen Susco, screenwriter (The Grudge, The Grudge 2,)

“This book is a trip. It’s like Edgar Allan Poe meets Lewis Carroll. Surreal nightmares clash with real-world dilemmas in a tale that’s as bleak as it is hopeful. A breath of fresh air in the world of edgy Christian fiction.”-Mark Carver, author of “Black Sun”