The Great Feast of The Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ

The Great Feast of The Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ

What The Transfiguration Reveals for Your Suffering

“This is My beloved Son. Hear Him!” St. Mark 9:7

Transfiguration of Our LordAnd so we must listen to Him, for our God, the Father Almighty, has commanded us to do so. This was spoken by the Father as an emanating light – the true Light through the Holy Spirit – shone forth from Jesus and witnessed by the disciples through a means much greater than their own senses would have allowed otherwise. The Transfiguration of Jesus, as revealed to three disciples – Peter, James and John the Apostle – on an unnamed mountain top, was not only one of the five major milestones during the life of Jesus here on earth, but was also another clear example of where both God and human nature connect, declaring an inseparable union of the two and pulling us ever closer to a preparation for the day when we will remain with Him in His Kingdom for eternity.

But most remember only the day when He died on the Cross to save our sins, as if Transfiguration of Our Lorddeclaring the Crucifixion to be the only example shown to us that one will be released from the bonds of suffering and be led to a freeing experience in heaven that will know no bounds of time. What does the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ show us in advance of the Crucifixion? It shows us certainly that for all, and especially for those – living a life in Christ – who struggle and suffer on a daily basis, surely are first in His Kingdom.(Remember St. Matthew 19:30: “But many who are first will be last, and the last first” – consequently stated only two Chapters after St. Matthew’s account of The Transfiguration!).

Transfiguration of Our LordWhat a wonderful conclusion to come to, that one can glean all of this from the miracle witnessed by men. And this conclusion is supported by the description in the Gospels which explains that Christ prayed on top of that mountain. He did not pray because he had to, but rather to show us that through prayer we will all shine through the Light and the Light will replace all other material requirements that we have thus far depended on in our temporal life. The full Most Holy Trinity will work in us as the Spirit will connect the promise of the Son with the Love of the Father and ultimately reveal something much bigger than the personal strife one must wade through on a daily basis. Yes, we are all connected to one another through Him, and as such, even if we are to get past our own suffering, we are still susceptible to the struggles of others whom we love and care for… whom we cherish so much. But do not be burdened with the idea that you are in control of the lives of others, let alone fully capable of managing your own in the absence of the miracles of the Holy Spirit! Instead, turn back to the prayer of Jesus and realize the ability you have in prayer. In this way you are listening to “My beloved Son.”

Do good works in His eyes, such as prayer, not because good works in and of itself is the key to heaven, but because if you truly Love Him you would want only to do good as this is His will; pray for others and pray for your own challenges to lead to a closeness to Him and see what lies beyond for you and your loved ones through this means. Be purified of mind. Perceive the otherwise incomprehensible by first using your own material senses to see material things and do material works in His name, praying at first with a mind of tTransfiguration of Our Lordhis world; sense what you can sense using the tools given to you and if your eyes can be pure through prayer and your heart and mind cleansed, then the Light will reveal itself and you will see the Divine nature that is not realized only by your senses but rather through the Holy spirit as Light will be with you.

And so the disciples followed Him initially with material senses, making conscious choices, praying and purifying their minds, and so the Light was revealed to them on top of the mountain which we know not the name for. And from their experience, we can know for sure that this is possible even for us and that there is something greater that supersedes all suffering. We can be at peace with a life in Christ. Listen to Him and truly know of this promise that this great feast day – The Great Feast of The Transfiguration – relates to.

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas


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