The Kingdom of Heavenly Creatures: The Angelic Hierarchy

The Prophecy of the Sacred Cross: Sneak Peak #1

The Kingdom of Heavenly Creatures: Angelic Hierarchy

Beyond the dreary skies, which are known well to those in the year 2041, lies the Kingdom of Heavenly CThe Prophecy of the Sacred Crossreatures. But for one boy, only 12 but yet quite astute for his age, those same dreary skies part and shine light on the realities from beyond. A new land gives new hope and reveals a glimpse of His plan. Is heaven what Timothy Petrov always envisioned it to be?

Yet, aside from the quirky behavior of the creatures beyond, there exists still an order that sheds perspective on the quality of creation. A creation that possesses organization, much like what humans on earth attempt to perfect, only in this case it is without flaw. The three-leveled angelic hierarchy is rather complex, however at the same time it is only the outer shell of an existence that Timothy will soon discover himself to be intertwined with. And as organized as it is, there are still exceptions to be discovered, for the first angelic creature he meets has a special title: Eryana, Arch-guardian of the Elders.

A member of the Third Hierarchy, Eryana is “in-between” ranks. She is neither a Guardian angel, an Arch-angel nor a Principality. It is in the purpose that she serves where the true mystery shows itself. It would seem that her fate would be tied to Timothy’s, as he is in-between worlds, and growing in spirit as he moves along. And if the Prophecy of the Sacred Cross is to be fulfilled, perhaps so will Eryana’s final rank be determined.

And the mystery continues. Although in a mid-level position within the Third Hierarchy, Eryana, unlike others, does not need to go through her superior Principality to speak with a member of the Second Hierarchy. The Principality of the Americas, Jeneral, is technically her “ranking officer,” but Eryana’s mission seems just as critical as his. She is empowered to cross the Borderlands by the consent of Agread, a Virtue of the Second Hierarchy. And her clout does not end there: she also is privileged to enter the Office of the Heavenly Hierarchy and pass by a hall of Powers, chaperoned by another Virtue known as Canter. Canter, Keeper of the Office Grounds, then leaves her in the presence of Corinth, the High Dominion, as she battles a bright shining light that is abrasive even to wise eyes such as those that she sees through. And it is through Corinth, who is the highest ranking angel spoken of in book #1 of the Parables of the 24th Elder Trilogy, where His plan is finally being revealed – but only in bits and pieces. In which book of the trilogy will an angel of the First Hierarchy be revealed? Will is be a Throne, a Cherubim or a Seraphim?

Read about this in Chapter 7.

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