Free Christian Nonfiction eBooks 11-11-14

Free Christian Nonfiction eBooks 11-11-14

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Modern Parables for Financial Freedom by Joe Tannian. Free on 11-11-14
You need this book if you want to change your attitude about money!

Why Modern Parables for Financial Freedom?

Imagine – you’re living in one of the richest countries in the world at one of the most affluent times in history but there are always five more things that you want to have.
Imagine – Your problem is you just don’t know where you’re going to put all your stuff.
Imagine – You are under a continuous assault of advertisements aimed at convincing you that you’re dissatisfied with what you have.
Imagine – You’re have more debt than you’re comfortable with.

What is Modern Parables for Financial Freedom?
They are fun short stories that can engage your heart and drive home a point you may know with your mind but have not accepted at your core. The book complements other management and budgeting tools, by changing your attitudes about money. It offers the help you need to pursue peace in this life and a focus on the life to come.
Imagine that!
What is your Financial Freedom Worth?
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