Bargain Christian Fiction eBooks 3-21-15

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Dawn of Shadows by JC Lamont. $0.99 on 3-21-15
Lucifer grows restless. A sense of unquiet gnaws at his ether. He seeks something. Something more….

Lusting for the power to create worlds and to rule races inferior to his own, Lucifer trains the Malakim in the art of swordcraft, unknowingly preparing them to aid him in his attempt to usurp King Elyon’s throne. Bearer of a sword that can slay a spirit-lord, Lucifer grooms Michael, his favored lieutenant, as his second-in-command. But Michael starts unraveling the mystery behind the secrecy, and is forced to choose between his comrades and loyalty to his King.

History and fantasy collide as the ultimate struggle between good and evil rises in this 20,000 word novella, Dawn of Shadows, the first chapter in the epic supernatural novel, Prophecy of the Heir.

Judas: Hero Misunderstood by Jason E. Royle. $0.99 on 3-21-15
Judas Iscariot, the man we love to hate. But who would Jesus have been without him? In this unique short story we journey with the man who Jesus chose to be one of the original twelve disciples, who was with Jesus throughout his entire three-year ministry. Going beyond his worth, which always seems to start at thirty pieces of silver and suicide, dare to step outside the boundaries of one-dimensional thinking and tradition and ask yourself: “In the grand scheme of things, did Judas have a purpose?”

Free Christian Nonfiction eBooks 3-15-15

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The Myth of Secularism: Why There’s No Such Thing as a Non-Religious Human Being by Philip L. Troyer. Free on 3-15-15
Sometimes witty, sometimes gritty, Phil Troyer is a prophet for our times. In The Myth of Secularism he exposes the lies that fool you into believing that removing the Ten Commandments from a courtroom removes religion from the government. You will find out how, in the guise of non-religion, the Trojan Horse of Secularism has come rolling through the gates into many areas of our government, media, and education. Not shying away from controversy, this book reveals how the new gay marriage laws represent a change in the religious foundation of our laws.
Does it bother you when people scream “discrimination” over every perceived injustice? Find out how all laws discriminate against someone’s beliefs.
Do you think that by sending your children to a public school, you are sending them to a non-religious school? Think again!
Who or what do you worship? Since everybody worships something, this book will help you examine what’s on the innermost throne of your heart.
This book shatters the myth that somehow a person’s religion can be separated from the laws he writes, the news he broadcasts, the school he goes to, or even the music he listens to. After reading this book you will understand from a Biblical worldview why there’s no such thing as a non-religious human being

Bargain Christian Nonfiction eBooks 3-13-15

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Heartfelt Expressions: From the Places in My Heart to Places in Yours by Selina Maxwell. $2.99 on 3-13-15
I began my journey of automatic writing in my mid twenties after a near death experience. Phrases and words would appear inside my head at the most unexpected of times. I finally felt compelled to write them down. After a number of years of writing, I started showing the writings to other family members and friends, who encouraged me to continue writing and eventually publish. The busyness of raising a family and a career took precedence. Now that I am semi-retired, I am returning to my first love of writing. It is my sincere hope that you resonate with some of these writings.

Selina Maxwell