About Peter Silas & Mission

About Peter Silas

My Christian Mission Statement:

“Through the senses, virtues, and tools given to us on earth by our Lord, we can all keep Christ as the central focus in our hearts as often as possible and share this in communion with one another. Let’s live in the world, but not of the world, together.”

Peter SilasHi, I’m Peter Silas. In the secular world I had been a nurse, with experience in information technology. But then I found this: the discovery of a mysterious world that led me to enhance my Christian beliefs. For me, this happened through Orthodoxy. But that was my path. Through this blog, combining compassion, technology and faith, I want to support your path too. I want to share your mission with the world. No matter what Christian organization you belong to, you have a very special place on my site. I strongly believe that it is not about denomination, but rather finding our similarities in Christ which are so much grander than our differences. It’s one Church, and so let’s love Him together.

How can we do this together? Well, it’s happening before our eyes. Many may feel that modern times, which coincides with advances in technology, is to blame for the increasing secularized viewpoint that seems to plague this world. But I see it differently. Throughout time, many have had to take advantage of modern tools to keep their mission alive. And so we can do just the same. Here, we can forget about “denomination” and fight the battle together. Any Christian entrepreneur now has the power to share their creativity at a whole new level. Whether you created a Christian app, wrote a Christian eBook or have a Christian movie to promote, my mission is aligned with yours.

Or perhaps you are simply here looking for tools to engage with Him in a new way. In addition to advertising a product, this site has several Christian eBook and movie pages loaded with products to discover. There are even reviews. Check them out; I’ve included several links below.

A Christian Website, with a Little Bit of Everything

I recently left my secular job and took a leap of faith to primarily write, and now the content I deliver will be frequent. There will not only be blog posts in several categories (see category icons below the navigation menu above), but also an updated top 10 store packed with Christian eBooks, a kindle eBook promo area updated almost daily, and finally reviews on Christian products related to technology.

Please, help me spread His message and sign up to follow my blog (see top sidebar to the right). Also, check out my new release page, which provides an opportunity to explore a new, epic trilogy imbued with Christian Fantasy & Sci-Fi. Book 2 is underway!

Another Mission: Youth Outreach

Youth outreach is a particular venture that I will be focusing on. I feel it is everyone’s responsibility to support and encourage youth in their journey toward God, providing them with the resources they need to practice faith in Christ. These are difficult times, as I have pointed out in my first youth outreach blog post.

Although I maintain a small blog site and have very little resources to support youth programs monetarily, I still pledge to donate 5% of profits (mainly as a result of any book sales) to the missions and camps which are sponsored by the Orthodox Church of America and those who donate to the relevant initiatives.

My recently published novel is geared not only toward adult audiences, but also largely to teens and their parents, who are always searching for content that is not only appropriate but also that brings about an increased interest in religion. If there is any effort that I put into my writing, it would be to provide fantasy that is engaging but not mainstream; substance is what I feel fantasy and Sci-fi novels and movies now lack and, along with Hollywood, there are too many stories that do not support or include virtue and faith.

I also will be following youth programs throughout the Christian world and bring this content to you through blogs or links.

More Outreach:

Although not about youth per se, check out my first blog post regarding outreach in Africa through the OCMC.


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