Bargain Christian Nonfiction eBooks 11-11-16

Bargain Christian Nonfiction eBooks 11-11-16

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Book of 70 Prayers by Jason E. Royle. $0.99 on 11-11-16
To be in close relationship with God, we must live a life of prayer.
But sometimes life can get in the way of our time with God.
For anyone who feels they do not have enough time to pray,
yet still wishes to grow in the love of God—this book is for you.

The value of this book lies in its heartfelt simplicity.
In it are prayers I’ve written for each week of the year,
along with eighteen famous prayers from history and the Bible.

I have seen the results of these prayers in my own life.
You’ll find that they are easy to read and full of insight, and
that they go straight to the heart. May the fruits of the
Spirit flourish as you put these prayers to use.

The Names of the Believers in the Bible in Types and Symbols: Believers’ Real Estate by Dr Surya Kumar Daimari. $0.99 on 11-11-16
The names of the believers are exceptionally prolific in meaning. A
believer’s life is eternally value oriented. A value which is eternal
and non-perishing cannot be measured in terms of money and wealth,
gold or silver. The symbolical terms such as special treasure, pearls,
precious stones used for believers suggest how precious we are in the
presence of God. The goodly pearls in the famous parable of Jesus are
referred to non other than the believers. Jesus had to give away his
own life as ransom to get these valuable pearls for himself.

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