The Greatest Hidden Truth

“The Greatest Hidden Truth”

by Rev. Elbert “Audie” Derryberry III

This is an excerpt from my revised e-book, “FAR OUT’ the Hidden Truth.” There are two fictional characters in this excerpt, Anna and her pastor.

“Anna told him that she had been discussing his tract and the ‘Hidden Truth,’ with her relatives. Anna said, ‘I know what it is. In this world, we are swimming in an ocean of lies.’ The pastor said, ‘Yes, you are right.’ Then Anna’s eyes darkened with strong feeling. She said, ‘I believe there is another ocean of lies, even more insidious. Am I right’? The pastor nodded yes. Anna said, ‘Tell me about it.’ Her pastor sat down, looking at the floor, his face paling. He said, ‘It is the church. Our city has over a hundred churches in it. But only one is a True Christian church. That is true of all of the cities around us, maybe throughout the state. Maybe the whole country.’ Anna said, ‘Why’?! Her pastor said, ‘About two thousand years ago the Apostles traveled out of Israel into Turkey and Greece evangelizing communities as they traveled preaching the Gospel. They also wrote divinely inspired letters to the new churches which were popping up all over the region. Eventually those letters became a large collection, known as epistles. They were added to the four books that the disciples had written about the life of Jesus Christ including the book of acts. These writings were originally written in the Greek language, and all were brought together and became known as the New Testament. As time went by, the paper of the original New Testament began to decay. The church realized that if they did not copy the original, the Bible would be lost to them until the end of the world. So the churches in Greece and Turkey, which was called the Byzantine Empire, began to copy the original text. Later, their copies became known as the Byzantine copies. Because Christianity began to flourish in the Byzantine Empire, their copies of the Bible developed a more dependable reputation. They were considered to be accurate to the original.”

“There was a Jewish cult known as the Cabalists, a cult that had followed Israel from Babylon back to the Land Israel. They are a chameleon cult; they attach themselves to other religions, and change their name. In the case of Israel, they called themselves the children of Israel or Jews and took on some of the characteristics and teachings of Judaism. In that way they could blend in with the population of Israel and slowly corrupt them and their beliefs. When Christianity came on the scene, they followed Christians out into the world and changed their name again, calling themselves the Gnostics. They also thought of themselves as Christians so they could blend into the church, with the same intent, to corrupt the church. They acquired a Greek copy of the New Testament and moved to Alexandria, Egypt where they started a church, calling themselves Christians. But in reality they were a Gnostic cult. They also began copying the Greek copies.”

“They fit into that area very well since Gnosticism flourished there, rather than true Christianity. They continued to copy their Greek copies of the New Testament, but they began to change the Greek copies, violating Revelations 22:18-19. Today their copies are known as the Alexandrian copies.”

“Some theologians say that the Alexandrian copies are better, because they are older. Of course they are older, they are copies of copies. The Byzantine Christian churches had the original text. They did not have to copy the original until much later. They had the Original Text of the Holy Bible.”

“In 1611, King James the 1st of England commissioned his theologians to translate the Bible into English. They chose the Byzantine copies, realizing the major inferiority of the Alexandrian copies. That translation, from the Byzantine copies, has become known as the King James Version, which still exists today, thank God. It is known as the Authorized version. But sadly my research has revealed to me that most, if not all, of the Modern translations are translated from the greatly inferior Alexandrian copies; therefore they are not bibles. Also, to my dismay, most, if not all, of the churches in our city and the surrounding cities are now using these Modern translations. Some of these translations have from 50% to 100% paraphrasing as well as being translated from the Alexandrian. Since the True Holy Bible is the foundation of the church, we therefore have only one church in our city.” Her pastor added, “That is the Greatest Hidden Truth!” And that is one of the greatest reasons I believe that Christ’s return is very near and why I wrote, ‘“The Fig Tree is in Leaf.”’ Her pastor looked up at Anna. Anna was now the one looking at the floor with her face white as a sheet. Her legs had given out and she was seated now. She looked up at her pastor, her face flushing with wrath and her eyes sparking Then, as she began to return to normal, a tear ran down her cheek. She said, ‘That means my precious Jesus is at the door. I will see Him soon.’ Then, without any more words, she rose, as did her pastor. She walked over to her pastor and gave him a loving bear hug, thanked him, walked to her car and drove away.”

This excerpt is from my novelette, but this excerpt is not fiction, except for the characters. How I wish it were, but it is not; it is Fact.

Rev. Elbert “Audie” Derryberry III

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Far Out the Hidden Truth
This is an e-book that many think to be a Science Fiction Novelette with a Christian message. It is neither. In fact many call Christianity a religion which it is not. Christianity is a personal relationship with God, established by God and God only. Many religions have build their man made recitals around the Holy Bible, but they are not Christianity. It is strange to me how the reader of my e-book can read it and come to so many erroneous conclusions. The Science Fiction elements are merely the background for “The Hidden Truth.” I never intended it to have Christian elements either, but sometimes books take on a life of their own. Maybe that is because I am a Christian pastor but I am also a scientist. I should Not have entitled it “FAR OUT the Hidden Truth.” I should have called it simply, “The Hidden Truth.” That is what the e-book is all about and nothing else! So, the ultimate question is: what is “The Hidden Truth”? If you read my e-book, you might discover “The Hidden Truth”. No one has yet! So I ask you, what is “The Hidden Truth”? The answer is In the book. Maybe it should be classified as a mystery? Many who read this e-book think that most of the science in this book is science fiction. The opposite is True! Most of the science in this book is factual! Maybe I should make a list of all of the facts in this e-book and put this list in the Appendix. This proves that there are many “Hidden Truths”, and confusion. The readers believe in a world, our world, for the most part, that does not exist! So, I ask the reader, what is “The Hidden Truth”?