The Other Sunday

Sunday has surely been the widely accepted day for Church. What is Church? Church, capitalized, is His house, and the Bride of Christ. Now, church, not capitalized, is somewhat of a loose term of going somewhere on a Sunday. And … [Read More…]

Humility in Every Day Life

I’m not the type to be with the establishment. In fact, I’m pretty lame when it comes to rules and street smarts; etiquette and common knowledge; conformity and acceptance. I went golfing with my dad today. In all the time … [Read More…]

When You Realize You are Ready to Write

Thought on Being Ready to Write

You know you are getting back into writing mode because you can enter this world that no one else can see inside of until you choose to reveal it. Like a fortress carefully barricaded until it is completely developed and readied to face what lies ahead.

Peter Silas

Show Your Love for Him: It Must Start Somewhere

Just a few thoughts crossed my mind for today.

Perhaps just a few words.

How best to express your love for Him? Is it virtue? Patience? Humility? The world would show us there are more important things.

The day passes by. The night evades our attention. But the good works one can do will tip the scale once the final day comes. Not because good works are the key, but through our Christian faith we would not want to do other than good.

Sacrifice a time to spread His love. Giving up certainty toward health and happiness through money and success is possible. Help others in need through what resources you have. Perhaps then they can share their ability and love in Christ. And both will grow in connection to the Creator.

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas

God Reveals His Mercy, Even With Pain

God Reveals His Mercy, Even With Pain Dear Audience, I have finally reached the point where I am able to post on a daily (almost!) basis. This new category reveals different thoughts that I ponder over during the span of … [Read More…]