Christian Advertising Options

Welcome to my Christian Advertising Options page.

Christian eBooks, Apps & Movies: Welcome to the new era of spreading the Christian message. Here, you can choose from many packages that will support you in your goal of getting your message out to a Christian audience. There are free advertising options, as well as paid options that start from only $2.

Christian Faith with Peter SilasAs I explained on my mission page, I want to support your path; I want to share your mission with the world. No matter what Christian organization you belong to, you have a very special place on my site. I strongly believe that it is not about denomination, but rather finding our similarities in Christ which are so much grander than our differences. Any Christian entrepreneur now has the power to share their creativity at a whole new level. Whether you created a Christian app, wrote a Christian eBook or have a Christian movie to promote, my mission is aligned with yours.

Author Interviews

Author Interview Postings – I will send you numerous questions to answer and each one will be posted in full – no limit to your responses. Here is your chance to let the world know what’s behind your book!

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising – I will advertise your book, movie, music or app via my Twitter and Facebook accounts. Through paid promotions, reach thousands and gain tons of clicks to your product through my resources! I bid 90% of what I receive from you directly in the advertising promotion!

Christian eBook Advertising

Free eBook Advertising – Submit your Kindle eBook to be placed on the daily free & bargain pages. Make sure to include a description that is NOT your Amazon description. Unfortunately, I am unable to list every eBook I receive. But, this service is free – what do you have to lose?

Top Notch Christian eBook Advertising – Have your eBook listed on my homepage’s side widget – right at the top! This is in addition to all the benefits of the lower packages. Only one slot available per day!

Guaranteed Christian eBook Advertising – I will list your Kindle eBook on my Daily Kindle Promo pages, in addition to shouting out to my Twitter and Facebook audiences.

Featured Christian eBook Advertising – Not only is this guaranteed, but you can spice up your promo with your own URL on my site in addition to having it listed with select eBooks.

Highlighted Christian eBook Advertising – Have your eBook listed on the top header of my Kindle Promo pages and more!

eBook Review – Launching an eBook is no easy feat, let alone advertising one. Let me help you get the message out with a dedicated URL that you can send your audience to. Find some of my previous reviews here.

Christian App Advertising

App Store Advertising – Coming Soon.

Highlighted App Advertising – Coming Soon.

App Review – I’ll review your Android, iPhone or iPad App! View my previous reviews here.

App of the Month – Once a month I review a Movie or App for free.

Christian Movie Advertising

Movie Store Advertising – Coming Soon.

Highlighted Movie Advertising – Coming Soon.

Movie Review – The movie industry pays big money for agencies and scouts to advertise their film. Regardless of your resources, I will review your movie, and give you an individualized URL, and more! See some of my previous movie reviews.

Movie of the Month – Once a month I review a Movie or App for free.

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