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Faith for Daily Living Faith for Daily Living

Faith for Daily Living is a non-denominational guide to confident Christian living published by the Faith for Daily Living Foundation. Its aim is to bring a daily word from God to people who themselves are living in the hectic pace of today’s world. It can be read in a couple of minutes, but its message can become a source of inspiration for years to come.

Noah’s Ark for Kids: 2 by 2

When imagination and the classic game of “Matching” merge, you become the hero. “2 By 2” offers children a chance to help Noah get the animals on the ark before the flood waters rise by finding pairs. With 25 levels of increasing difficulty and power-ups available, it will keep any player challenged. Kids learn animal sounds and increase memory skills. Parents appreciate the sound effect volume control and amazing 3-dimensional graphics not to mention no in-app purchases. Power-ups can be “purchased” with stars earned through game play.

This is the first release in the “Noah’s App for Kids” series of apps…stay informed by visiting Truth Gaming at

Bible Word Search

Features over 6100 Words and 4 Game Modes!
Discover an entertaining way to exercise your Bible vocabulary! Bible Word Search has hundreds of fun word search puzzles based on the people, places and stories of the Bible. Find over 6100 words and choose between 4 fun game modes for fast-paced action, relaxing gameplay, and a levels-based challenge.

4 Exciting Modes
Levels Mode: Beat the clock and score points to move on to the next level
Frenzy Mode: The puzzle re-scrambles after you solve it for a new challenge
Timed Mode: How fast are your solving skills? Race against the clock and find out
Relaxed Mode: Solve puzzles at your own pace

• 6,100+ words
• Hundreds of puzzles
• 4 game modes: Levels, Frenzy, Timed and Relaxed
• Many fun categories, including The Old Testament, Bible Geography, Apostles and more
• High Scores, hint button, music and sound effects

Bible Word Search Mini

Features over 3600 Words!
Discover an entertaining way to exercise your Bible vocabulary! Bible Word Search Mini has hundreds of fun word search puzzles based on the people, places and stories of the Bible. Find over 3600 words and choose between 2 fun game modes for fast-paced action or relaxing gameplay.

2 Exciting Modes
Timed Mode: How fast are your solving skills? Race against the clock and find out
Relaxed Mode: Solve puzzles at your own pace

• 3,600+ words
• Hundreds of puzzles
• 2 game modes: Timed and Relaxed
• Many fun categories, including The Old Testament, Bible Geography, Apostles and more
• High Scores and hint button

Christian Bible Quiz

Christian Bible Quiz is an excellent game to learn about the life and history of Jesus Christ as observed in the bible. This large collection of trivia is fun for young and senior to develop a better understanding of the bible.

Where was Peter when he denied Jesus for the second time? When did Jesus teach the Lord’s Prayer? How did Jesus heal the blind man? Learn about the bible, life of Jesus and his disciples through the scriptures of Mark, Luke, John, Matthew and the holy book.

Have a great game.


Delivers a new bible verse each day that engages you with commentary, allows you to select a preferred translation, and provides the ability to share your experience with friends over e-mail, SMS, and social network mediums such as Facebook and Twitter.

This full version of Verse-A-Day now includes the ability to bookmark verses and commentaries so that you can read them again at a later date.

Preferred translations for bible verses include:
NET (New English Translation)
NIV (New International Version)
NKJV (New King James Version)
NLT (New Living Translation)
KJV (King James Version)

Verse-A-Day also provides a reminder feature to enhance your daily bible experience. This reminder feature can be configured to pop up daily reminders at a user-specified time each day to help you remain consistent in the daily reading of bible verses.

With Verse-A-Day a bible verse with supplemental commentary will be delivered to your mobile device with the hope of igniting hearts toward a rich relationship with God and sharing this truth in your social communities.

New version also includes readability enhancements like larger font for large screens (like Kindle Fire) and better contrast between background and text. Bookmark backup/syncing is also now available by touching the menu button while on the ‘View Bookmarks’ screen. You can use this feature to sync bookmarks across all your Android-based devices.

Daily Strength for Daily Needs

A 365 day devotional app based on Daily Strength for Daily Needs, a devotional compilation by Mary Tileston updated with digital features for today’s smartphones and tablets.

I love that the daily readings are short enough to read quickly, but meaty enough to want to read slowly, and twice sometimes! I look forward to each day’s quotes. – JDMc24

Awesome. I really enjoy this app. Thanks. – ramoe starr

Be strengthen by God’s Word daily as you read Daily Strength, a daily devotional based on Daily Strength for Daily Needs compiled by Mary Tileston from a collection of Christian prose, poetry and excerpts by notable writers like St. Augustine, Jeanne Guyon, Hannah Whitall Smith, Frances Ridley Havergal, Martin Luther, Isaac Watts, Charles and John Wesley, Longfellow, Coleridge, Emerson, and Milton with bible verses taken from the NIV, ESV, NLT, KJV, WEB and NET bible. Daily Strength promises an enriching reading experience for all.

“This little book of brief selections in prose and verse, with accompanying texts of Scripture, is intended for a daily companion and counsellor. These words of the goodly fellowship of wise and holy men of many times, it is hoped may help to strengthen the reader to perform the duties and to bear the burdens of each day with cheerfulness and courage.” – Mary Tileston

App is optimized to run on both Android smartphones and the Amazon Kindle Fire tablets with landscape mode support.

Prayer Warrior

One of our main purposes in life is to pray for others. The prayer warrior app will help you do just that. No more jotting down a request, only to realize that you’ve misplaced that piece of paper. No more notebooks stacked full of requests. The Prayer Warrior app is designed to store all your prayer requests in one place, on your android powered device. Each request is saved according to the most recent date. You also have the ability to mark a prayer request answered as it happens. Prayer mode gives the option to scroll through your requests, making it easier to remember what to pray for. The Prayer Warrior app also gives you the option to password lock your app, for confidentiality purposes.

The Prayer Warrior app is simple to use. Open the app to first be given a daily verse of scripture to remind you to pray.

To add a request, press the plus button on the top left of the screen. Give your request a title, and continue on to add the request under the notes section. Don’t forget to press the save button.

To share a request, long press the request. A menu will appear. Select Share Prayer. Another menu will display your individual options how to share.

To move your request to the answered section, long press the request, and select Move to Answered. Your request will then show under the Answered section.

To edit a prayer request, long press the request and choose Edit. The request will then be opened to edit. Make your desired changes, and save.

Bible Trivia – Famous Passages

Bible Trivia features descriptions of 100 of the most cited and recited biblical passages. The learner must select the correct book, chapter, and verse. The app features a Learning Mode, Quiz Mode, and a Game Mode.

In Learning Mode, the items are presented to you and the ones you miss keep coming back at intervals spaced for optimal learning. Once you learn them, they do not come back. In Quiz Mode, you test your knowledge and get scored. In Game Mode, try to guess the answers as quickly as possible without missing any. You get combo points for guessing several in a row and get a time bonus for guessing quickly.

People of the Bible Quiz

The People of the Bible Quiz app features multiple choice quizzes, flash cards, and a dictionary of over 300 Bible People and makes the perfect study partner. This handy Android app from Digital Applications keeps your user interface simple and straightforward; the only complex aspect of this app is the content itself. Challenge your knowledge with multiple choice quizzes which show you the correct answer if you miss a question. If you love studying the bible and want a fun way to keep the people of God’s word fresh in your mind, then this app is perfect for you.


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