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Faith for Daily Living App Review

Faith for Daily Living App Review An App Created by FFDL – Faith for Daily Living A Christian Outlook for Each Day Faith for Daily Living, a Christian app for your Android device, will give you the one thing you … [Read More…]

Drew meets Boo App Review: The Drum Beats On

Drew meets Boo Christian iPad App A Review of Yet Another Stunning Children’s Story Prepare yourself for the newest installment of Drew’s Dancing Drum, the second in a series of apps aimed at combining lessons of virtue with interactive slides … [Read More…]

Realms of Glory Christian App Review

Realms of Glory Christian App Review Taking the Fiction Out of Christian Sci-Fi How good it feels to embrace God’s gift of the universe, exploring even just the very tip of infinity and beyond! That was one of the many … [Read More…]

Park the Ark Christian App Review

Park the Ark Christian App Review An App Created by Truth Gaming, LLC Truth Gaming, LLC has done it again. Not only is this app free, but it is hands down one of the most creative Christian apps I have … [Read More…]

Mindscape: Christian Meditation 101

Mindscape Meditation App for iPad Created by Amina Hammond We’ve all heard of meditation, and, for us Christians, it can sometimes be a bit challenging to separate the secularized image that can go along with it. Sure, we know that … [Read More…]

Drew’s Dancing Drum Review: A Simple Message in Christ

Drew’s Dancing Drum Review: A Simple Message in Christ

Bringing to our Children the Meaning of Faith

Drew's Dancing DrumThrough terms one can understand, I am always searching for analogies that represent how one can live in the world, but not of the world. Learning how to use the tools given to us, as adults, in order to assimilate our mission with His will can be challenging to say the least. Sometimes it is through a simple message – through a means more familiar – that we can find just the right concept.

And it is through Drew’s Dancing Drum that not only adults, but children especially, can experience a strong yet simple message and find comfort in our omnipotent and merciful God. An app for iPad and iPhone, Justine Danielle Del Monte and Brandon Chappell bring a fun and engaging story to your home. In 12 slides, a lasting impression is sure to be made on your little one – in addition to yourself. Follow the story of a boy who has so much fun and joy with the toys he is afforded, but yet learns that it will take much more than materials to reveal light when times become dark.

Simple themes, music, fun and even animals: good things of this world are everywhere, butDrew's Dancing Drum nothing can fully bring us happiness but Him, and so this app illustrates (literally!) that one should not take for granted His love and gifts to us. In addition, it displays forgiveness, honoring and trusting your parents, and the presence and importance of family. What better way is there to send these strong messages to our Children, who are the future and the true blind followers of our Lord? The use of engaging apps that take advantage of the modern technology comes full circle with the simple download of a free app to your iPad or iPhone.

It is only with God that anything is possible, and Drew’s Dancing Drum will give your young child a clear picture of how the love that Christ fills us with can impact one in the most basic of ways. It will remind you, also, that there is no need to look too hard for Salvation. The answer could be as rudimentary as a boy’s dancing drum.

A few points on the technology: great graphics, age-appropriate wording and fun music. I loved the functionality of clicking on the puzzle piece to go back to a specific slide. Also, I’ll reveal a hint: click on the title at the beginning for fun acoustics. And finally, at the end, discover a quote from Psalms. I won’t spoil everything, so you must download Drew’s Dancing Drum to discover the final message the author is trying to convey!



View the developer’s web site, Charter Road Productions Inc.

Thoughtree for iOS 7: Organize Your Christian Quotes and Ideas

Thoughtree for iOS 7: Organize Your Christian Quotes and Ideas

A Review on the Newest Organization App for Christian iPad/iPhone: Thoughtree

5 out of 5 crosses

ThoughtreeHave you ever been reading, inspired by thoughts of your faith, and wishing to capture the messages you hear so that you can remember them and share with those who you know? I know I have been there, and a pad of paper can get messy real fast.

An award winning app, Thoughtree, designed for both iPhone and iPad, is an app that I was introduced to recently that may be just the solution. A piece of technology that, while not specifically an app with a Christian mission in and of itself, is yet another modern tool that can be used for good. A tool that we can use, which does not fit into the categories of risky immoral technology that those who swear by tradition would otherwise have it in… ok, maybe I am taking this a bit too far… never-mind then, just try it out!

With ThoughtreeThoughtree you can easily organize your thoughts, quotes, verses, references… the list goes on. Tip: Start by clicking on the gear icon and tap the plus sign on the top right to add a new category, before you are able to add a new thought. Before you know it, you will have plenty of categories and thoughts that you will no longer have to memorize! I know I have been in church plenty of times, being distracted by the next chapter in my book that I thought about on the drive over. Now I can enter it (once I stop driving) first in my Thoughtree app for iPad, and relax. When you get back to it, easily search for your thought and watch results via an interactive search list appear or disappear as you type in letters.

From a tech point of view, it is intuitive but I can see how it may be a bit challenging for some who are not savvy with technology or are new to their iPhone or iPad. Have patience – practice your virtues!

The best part about this app is that it is (at least right now) free. And there is a lot more with it left to discover, beyond the few pieces I wrote about (sharing with social media, time stamps, etc.)

I rate this 5 out of 5 crosses. Find out how to get it:

Via Apple Store:

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas

Three Wise Queens Review: Attracting All Audiences

Three Wise Queens Review: Attracting All Audiences

A Review on an iPad Story App

5 out of 5 crosses

three wise queensThree Wise Queens is an app of a whole different nature, which I had yet to review one like it. A storyline, it presents a perspective on a well-known scriptural event that is geared toward several audiences.

Based on The Three Wise Men, this app brings into your home a beautifully designed story that follows the wives of each king, and focuses on their contributions and point of view during the events that led the strangers from distant lands to Jesus who laid in the manger. From following this complete story via an iPad app, I not only got my daily dose of experiencing more in the world of Christian technology, but I also was able to glean something very important. It was not just the kings who were led to Jesus: it was all of us through our spiritual connection in Christ that were brought to Him. And so this app was outstanding in that beneath the lines it was able to capture not only the female and child audiences, but brought with it a strong message of our brotherly and sisterly connection with one another in His birth.

The graphics were outstanding and second to none. The audio was fitting and Three Wise Queens Angelengaging. The story itself did not fall short of substantial content, and it was engaging at the same time as you could click on the image of an angel to have it read to you. The only technical drawback was that, being quite lengthy, I was looking for a link back to the start once I reached the end of the story but could not find one.

I urge you all to try out this innovative take on a well known event in biblical history! Your child is sure to add this to their list of stories that, whether during the day or for bedtime, are going to want to hear it more than once. I rate this 5/5 crosses!

Purchase Via iTunes:

three wise queens






Or, find out more on the developer’s site:

3 Wise Queens


Love in Christ,
Peter Silas

2 by 2 Review: A Christian Android App with a New Concept

2 by 2 Review: A Christian Android App

A Review on the Newest Concept for Christian Android Apps: Noah’s Ark for Kids 2 by 2

5 out of 5 crosses

2 by 2 for kids2 by 2 is a new kid’s Christian app for Android that I am thrilled to have had sent my way: a neat, hip, unique and highly functioning tool that can enhance memory skills – from a Christian perspective – is definitely a rare find to offset the overabundance of run-of-the-mill bible verse apps.

Based on Noah’s Ark and “2 of each species,” this app worked seamlessly from the beginning of my trial straight through the end. Starting at an appropriate level, I began my journey toward maxing out my memory skills by choosing a card to flip over that would reveal an animal. Once revealed, it returned to a face down position and waited for my next move to find the matching animal behind the other cards. The concept seems straight forward, as most of us have seen the physical versions of memory match cards. But this app made it so interactive, I could not put it down for the next hour. Once successful within the given frame of time, you move onto the next level, and also gain “store points” if able to flawlessly match the cards. The points allow you to purchase hints and tools that will give you a chance to get out of trouble later in the game.

I’d compare and contrast this app to Luminosity’s memory enhancing computer games. 2 by 2 Memory Game for AndroidAllowing your child to increase their brain functioning skills while having fun can be found in both, but with the 2 by 2 app for Android you have easy to push buttons, clear and motivating sound effects and music, as well as tips, instructions and bonuses to boot. All within the reach and each of a smartphone that can be carried on long trips, or even better, when you need a moment to think and need to keep your son or daughter occupied for a few minutes! How often can this opportunity be something that has a Christian point of view to it? Try this app out to let your kid test out God’s gift of mind.

The free version does come with ads, but they are small and don’t get in the way. I didn’t notice them past the next few levels. Too focused on getting 2 of each animal on board before Noah departs for safety!

I rate this 5 out of 5 crosses, and would give it 6 if I could. Get it now!

Via Google Play:

Via Amazon:

Or, find out more on the developer’s site:

Truth Gaming

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas

Cross Words Review: A Ladder to Heaven on IPad

Cross Words Review: A Ladder to Heaven on IPad

A Review on the Newest Christian IPad App Available: Cross Words

5 out of 5 crosses

Finally, I get to review an IPad App! I just purchased my very own IPad mini, reluctantly; I have always been a PC user. But the timing could not have been better, as soon after I was asked to review a Christian App called Cross Words: A Bible Trivia Word Game. Now I’m hooked!

Cross Words, just having gone live yesterday, 6/21/13, is an educational IPad App that uses crossword puzzles anCross Words IPad Appd biblical quotes, and was a perfect way for me to get accustomed to my IPad. Not only did I get to polish my memory on biblical “persons, places and things,” but I had fun doing it, as this integrates easy to use drag and drop functionality along with integration to the App store and even Facebook. From a technological standpoint, which I always begin my reviews with (I’ll never let go of my past IT endeavors), this all worked without a hitch. Easy to install, easy to learn and easy to use. The sounds are rich too: “cha-ching” with a letter right, a scratchy record sound if wrong (made me laugh), and a sound that makes you feel real special when you finish the puzzle. Now on to the fun!

This app was super creative, not only from a user point of view, but also a developer’s point of view. Using a point system based on coins and levels, the questions get progressively harder as time goes on. But don’t get too confident; be weary! Five coins are handed to you for a correct letter, but 20 coins are removed if you get one wrong! Want a hint? Sure, no problem. But make sure you’ve banked up: the help costs 60 coins. This system made a simple concept of crossword puzzles fun, challenging, and I didn’t get bored. It was addictive in its own way, but I didn’t feel guilty about it – after all, I was studying the bible! In no time I got to show off my skills and collected 1,000 points. If my wife had been with me, we could have also played this trivia challenge together.

Cross Words IPad AppIt starts off as a free app. There are a few in-app purchase suggestion pop-ups for this free version, but as you rake up more and more points eventually you are prompted to get this for a super low price of 99 cents. Totally worth it, and you get free coins along with it (ok, so maybe I didn’t earn ALL of my 1,000 coins!). Looking to collect more coins? You might get a chance to share this on your facebook app for free coins.

By the time I got to level 20, I definitely needed my wife’s help (didn’t want to give up 60 coins as I was on the brink of losing my 1k coins!) Seriously Cross Words IPad Appthough, I really appreciated the challenge because it made me think and I knew I was learning.The bible quotes/snippets after each puzzle allowed me to breath the Word and take comfort in Him. This is going to be the perfect app for me to have on my new IPad when I have downtime or simply want to have a quick challenge. I rate this 5/5 crosses!

Well, I’ve got to go as level 21 is waiting: not sure how many there are to go, but I feel like I’m climbing the ladder to heaven.

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas

Cross Words Demo:


Purchase through ITunes here

Visit Saved Games, Inc.’s website here