Drew Learns about Autism Review

Drew Autism

Drew Learns about Autism

Drew reaches out and touches our hearts again with a 6th children’s book, Drew Learns about Autism. April being Autism Awareness Month, this release is perfectly aligned to provide some understanding for those young minds who are learning that there is no such thing as normal in the eyes of our Lord. We are all special in the eyes of God, and it takes opening your heart to see the gifts God has given each of us. Drew shares that big brotherly guidance that one could only be so blessed to have, and we are blessed to hear the words of love and wisdom that this character routinely provides for us.

In its usual colorful and easy to understand script, this storyline will not be misunderstood when read by your young one. It perfectly captures that difficult moment when we find someone we are close to who is doing the wrong thing, or even more commonly, when we find ourselves not seeing the image of God in each other.drewautism2_1

I love reading these stories because they are so practical and I am reminded about what is important in life: our relationships and treatment of each other. In this case, more specifically I remember that we all have a responsibility to share God’s Will with one another and, when we do the right thing, it is fruitful and our relationships grow stronger.

Justine Danielle Del Monte

Drews Books Author Justine Danielle Del Monte

Visit the author’s website at Drew’s Books.

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas

Brandon Chappelle

Drews Books Illustrator Brandon Chappelle

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