Drew meets Boo App Review: The Drum Beats On

Drew meets Boo Christian iPad App

A Review of Yet Another Stunning Children’s Story

Drew Meets Boo AppPrepare yourself for the newest installment of Drew’s Dancing Drum, the second in a series of apps aimed at combining lessons of virtue with interactive slides for your impressionable children! The Drew Meets Boo app improved a message of kindness toward others, just when you thought the first app couldn’t say it any better.

Through a captivating sequenced slideshow, your young one (and you as well!) can journey through starkly creative and colorful scenes that prepare an engaging setting to deliver the perfect message: the message of Christ. Love one another, He often implored. And so Drew learns yet another lesson from a sister [in Christ] who wants nothing but to share unconditional love with humankind.

You’re bound to be filled with excitement with interactive art, music and background features! Drew Meets Boo App ReviewSilly yet sensible, each time through Drew Meets Boo app is like unlocking a new treasure trove of features, whether it be jolly and friendly animals or colorful creations of our Lord. Combining the invisible Spirit with visible and tangible creations, it will read back to you the slides, create a friendly atmosphere and deliver a firm message of how to treat others as you would want to be treated, even if it is in response to a serious issue of our day and age: bullying. What a timely implementation of a Christian app!

The Core Message Revealed

With the Drew Meets Boo App, take it beyond turning your cheek: turn it with an act of kindness. Drew May fear those bullying boys, but his new friend Boo is about to show the power of faith and its ineffable ability to conquer evil and sin. One work through Him and the mean kids cower in humility. Boo, fearless and kind like Christ, illustrates for your children how they too should show no fear and reveal only faith and kindness in His image.

How to Play This App

Find the arrows on the lower right and seamlessly glide yourself forward through the scenes, or go back to play the previous slide again. Hit the puzzle icon to navigate a few slides forward or adjust sound settings, and try tapping on the words or virtually anything at all for hidden surprises! A true message will be revealed by the end, so make sure to click the text for it to be revealed and you’ll certainly end with a fulfilling smile.


Well, I can’t give it all away, so don’t delay and download it below! It’s amazing to see Drew grow stronger and stronger, and I certainly hope there are more Drew’s Dancing Drum episodes to come!

Download Drew Meets Boo app here

Love In Christ,
Peter Silas

Developer’s Web Site: Charter Road Productions, Inc.

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