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Free on 5/27/13

Obligated by a ‘gift’ he was given, Rayder’s world is a daunting adventure through history… events he has helped shape, and mysteries that have made him a target. Rayder has lived multiple lives and his life has unwantedly taken on the warrior’s creed of ‘Live and Die by the Sword.’

Present day, the United States government wants to know why its agents in foreign countries are being killed, and why there’s recently been the inconceivable coalition between China and Iraq – a union of two governments that have always despised the existence of the other. Evidence is forming that the world of terrorism is building to a new level.

The U.S. has sent in their best to find out why, only to receive body parts back in return. Now they have only one option left or risk launching a political war and breaking an already fragile Chinese and American relationship.

Free on 5/27/13
The Old Testament gods are alive and living in San Francisco.

There’s a war going on around us, a war that most of us are totally unaware of. And sometimes a simple request to God can turn your world upside down, confronting you with powers that you never imagine existed.

Pastor Harris Borden asked God to be used in a bigger way, and God listened to him. Now Borden’s running for his life, accused of being a terrorist by the U.S. government, thrown off buildings, stabbed, imprisoned and left for dead more times than he can count. They blew up the plane his wife was on, evil powers surround his church and community, and through it all, Pastor Borden continues to ask himself, Am I truly willing to surrender everything to God?

In the spirit of Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness, The Champion reminds us that we are not alone in this world, and that God never promises that following will be easy, or safe.

Free on 5/27/13
Lysander is an angel who has just arrived to Heaven for the first time, and he’s unsure of what to think of his new home. Angels bicker over the absence of God, and an Archangel named Lucifer is stirring up controversy. As Lysander struggles to master his responsibilities, a war breaks out in Heaven, and Lysander must now choose: between God and his followers, or Lucifer and his army.

The Angelic Testament is a Young Adult fictional series that walks through the Bible from an angel’s perspective, while exploring themes such as faith, friendship and fighting for what you believe in…

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