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Susannah’s Truth by Dana Landersn. Free on 7/18/13
Readers of Dana Landers’ Amazon Best Selling Dog Stories are sure to enjoy this debut romance.
When Susannah Blake’s father passes away, she suddenly finds herself almost penniless and alone. As if that weren’t enough, there are other secrets that will come to light as she struggles to make a new life for herself. Will the faith she has counted on all of her life be enough to guide her through these troubled waters, or will the shocking truth that she learns from those she loves prove to be more than she can bare?
This book proudly displays the”Riley Paw of Approval” to ensure you are reading stories by the same author.
The Angellove Society: Magic & Madness by Serban Andrei Mazilu. Free on 7/18/13
A short story based in the universe of “The Angellove Society: Crux”, also by author Serban Andrei Mazilu.
Cretaceous Clay & the Black Dwarf by D. A. Knight. Free on 7/18/13
Biots are people too!

Nodlon is a paradise! If you are not a biot! Biots work jobs no one wants to pay for, and Evan Labe is a biot. Evan is a dwarf with a black chip in his forehead. He dreams of a better life, but how will he find it?

Tempted by an infomercial, Evan falls into a trap set by Nimrod. With Evan in his possession, Nimrod returns to Earth to raise an army to destroy Nodlon!

Soon an epidemic of missing dwarves plagues Nodlon. Princess Virginia asks Cretaceous Clay, celebrity elf, magician extraordinaire, and amateur sleuth, for help. But it’s too late. Nodlon Yard finds the stars of Capricorn drawn in blood in the room of a missing dwarf maiden. The trail leads to murder and a mysterious Black Dwarf.

Freedom must wait! Clay must hunt a foe with powers from beyond this world and stop him before it is too late.

Will Clay save Nodlon? Will his magic stop the Black Dwarf? Can good defeat evil, or will Clay lose his life?

So begins the strange and quirky odyssey of Cretaceous Clay!


Will Jack discover the source of his magic? Will the Black Dwarf get away? How many more victims must pay the price to bring this servant of the Dragon Lord to bay? Will Virginia ever free the biots? Will the Black Dwarf’s plot succeed?

Find out in the first book of the Chronicles of Cretaceous Clay!

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