How to Get Through Your Day Job Using “Secular” Gifts, which Eyes Cannot See

How to Get Through Your Day Job Using “Secular” Gifts, which Eyes Cannot See

This is perhaps one of the biggest struggles that I deal with on a daily basis: making it through just another day at work. A day in which, week after week, seems to take one further away from her or his goal of spiritual enlightenment. For those who work the weekdays, it can be sometimes disheartening that the weekend is over, and particularly for those who grow so much in a two day period from the blessings given from services it can be a bit disorienting to return to a setting that is the polar opposite.

But there certainly is hope.

Get through your Day Job - Peter Silas .com“Joshua said to them, ‘Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Be strong and courageous. This is what the Lord will do to all the enemies you are going to fight.'” – Joshua 10:25

The other day I was reading about the virtues of which we must attain, to move nearer to the likeness of God. I had the ability to take a few minutes during my workday to do this – and being the season of Lent it seemed fit to read specifically during my lunch (I’m eating a little less and find myself to have more room to soak in what the Holy Spirit graciously was willing to instill into my heart). From what I read, I was reminded about the opportunities that we have on a daily basis to turn a disheartening event into something that is good. It’s hard to believe, especially for those of you who are new to the concept, but God grants us certain situations where we can practice the virtues and actually grow if we do not lose sight of them. For example, if a coworker of mine was to throw me under the bus, I could interpret this as a chance to remain humble and not react or confront the individual.Get through your Day Job - Peter Silas .com

Seems a little mundane day after day to feel demoralized, but the opposite is what I am trying to say – if you’ve grown closer to God through a situation in your daily life, how less important is that (and perhaps it is even a greater thing to achieve) than celebrating the Liturgy with your brothers and sisters?

What God has in store for us we cannot say on a micro level – consequently that is about all we can comprehend – but by paying special attention to opportunities in disguise and bringing yourself into the invisible dimension on a daily basis, opening your heart to Him in this way, and while using your senses to connect to the mysteries of this world and beyond, you are accomplishing a goal He certainly hopes for us to meet. Keep this message not only close to you, but give it to who you love – everyone – and at least once a day pay special attention to an opportunity in disguise. Begin now and get through your day job!

Peter Silas


How to Get Through Your Day Job Using “Secular” Gifts, which Eyes Cannot See — 2 Comments

  1. Hopefully in our humility the light of Christ will shine through. Thank God we have the body of Christ to fellowship with and His word to feed on. It’s a rough world out there.
    Love you Peter Silas good blog!!!

    • The light of Christ sure will, as it always has and still does. I love sharing the Word and love the interactions, God bless you!
      Peter Silas

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