The Other Sunday

Church on SundaySunday has surely been the widely accepted day for Church. What is Church? Church, capitalized, is His house, and the Bride of Christ. Now, church, not capitalized, is somewhat of a loose term of going somewhere on a Sunday. And many will argue that you need to go to church to be a good Christian and that there is nothing more important in life.

I will argue this, without getting into too much heat.

I discovered something. I really already knew it, but I discovered that I understood it even better. I often talk about the hidden meanings in life – where the invisible meets the visible. And all this time, there were the objects. People usually call them furniture, nick knacks, trinkets or items to use. But what was the use of each item? Surely to collect dust.wordly possessions

Follow me here – I went from the Bride of Christ to dust collecting, rusty things. I hope I haven’t lost you, but I decided on a Sunday to have a yard sale. There are people in need, and objects that I collected in vain. Possessions that had no use to me. To simplify life, and take a day to bring yourself closer to Him, to strengthen your bond with Him and his Bride… to bring yourself to a more empty state – both visibly and invisibly – which will allow your heart to open up and absorb, contain and relish in the glory which the Holy Spirit has to offer. Nothing can be more important. Not even, to me, an hour during a week to listen to liturgical worship. Because, how many truly get out of each Sunday an epiphany such as the simplicity preached by Him. If you do, then you surely are at a point already where you have no junk, you have simplified your life and you are ready for the last stretch toward everlasting life.

Whatever you choose – hopefully it be something that strengthens you in His eyes.

Love in Christ,

Peter Silas

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